Friday, April 1, 2011


You're probably wondering what tomatoes have to do with Acceptance.
Not everybody likes tomatoes, I am one of those people who happens to dislike them very much.
They're pretty to look at, I like what they can become (ketchup, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, soup) but I would never eat one, or even chunks of them in my food.  I don't mind that other people like them, although I admit if my husband eats one, I won't kiss him for awhile.
So, you're probably still wondering what this has to do with acceptance.  The way I see it, we all have different likes and dislikes, many qualities that make us different, the same and uniquely who we are.  I've had people in my life who would get frustrated with me, simply because I'm picky.  For some reason it drove them nuts, because I refused to eat certain things.  I was thinking, why do you care what I eat??
My point is, does it matter that we're different?  I personally like the differences that make up all the amazing people in this world.  I would never want to meet someone exactly like me, how boring, there would be nothing new to discover.  If I meet you and you happen to love tomatoes, I promise I won't try to get you to dislike them, I will just accept you the way you are and I hope you'll accept me too!
Have A beautiful tomato or untomato filled day!!


  1. My Mom used to say, "Just look at your own plate. Quit worrying about everyone else's."

  2. Cute! I also do not care for tomatoes at all, but I do enjoy what they eventually become. Great post!

  3. My hubby is a non-tomato eater. I think I cause him dismay with my tendency to eat as many as possible.

  4. If we were all the same, life would be boring!

  5. I have the same feelings about milk. I love to eat creamy soups, eat sauces made with milk, even have cereal with milk. But I will never drink a glass of milk. That's just vile.

    And I agree with your appreciation of others and their not-like-you-ness. Me, too!

    A Piece of My Mind

  6. I like your spin on this! That being said - I'm with you! I love tomato soup and marinara sauce and ketchup, but *actual* tomatoes? Can't stand 'em! I'm working on it...

  7. Very wonderful A post. Thank you for all being such an inspirational person, even though you don't like tomatoes. ;)

  8. Awesome post Heather. What a perfect analogy for acceptance. I love that we are all different and have different likes and dislikes, that is what makes us so unique. I like onions and its great going out to eat with someone who does not like onions 'cuz I get theirs! Life is good that way!

  9. I hated tomatoes when I was little, but not I love them, especially when they're on hamburgers. can't wait to read more of your AtoZ

  10. I love days when my internet is like molasses! Today is one of those days. I actually responded to everyone earlier and apparently it didn't take! I will try to sum up!

    Li- your mother must be a genius! :)

    Emily, I love that your name is Emily and you commented on my Post and you can appreciate the tomato dislike!

    Su, I imagine he still adores you, even when you are tomato eating. I know I still love my hub, even when he eats things I dislike. :P

    Alex, I quite agree! Who wants boring??

    Julia, me too! Completely, I am with you on that. Not a fan of drinking milk, but love creamy, yummy soups, cereal, ice cream, even chocolate milk on occasion. YUM!!

    Allison, yep, tomatoes become lovely and wonderful sauces and dipping items, but not so great all on their own. Good luck with the working on it, I will applaud you, but have no desire to even try eating them. bleh!!!

    Lisa, haha, thanks!! I enjoy our friendship, hope to see you again soon.

    Rasz, thank you and if we ever get to go out to dinner together, I promise, you can have all of my onions!! :) I agree, life is very splendid like that. That's why differences are so great, we can clean each others plate! :)

    RaShelle, I haven't outgrown my dislike for them. I tried once, but it didn't go very well. I can accept that!

  11. Heather, I just wanted to pop on here and tell you how much you amaze me. You have such a wonderful perspective on this world, and I love how you can find symbolism in the simplest of things. You're absolutely fascinating!!

    For the record; although you don't like tomatoes, you still acquire them for me, which makes them even more of a treat!! Also, you have opened my eyes to new and unique combinations involving chocolate. Popcorn and m&m's were NOT listed in the Betty Crocker cookbook, but I'm glad you think outside the book!
    Luv ya' nachos!!

  12. Mrs Mojo would absolutely agree with you on the tomato thing - and I guess that's the flipside of what you were talking about, in a way. Just as everybody is different - and a darn good thing too! - so, too, everybody is at least a little bit the same.

    I've been around the internet long enough to see how people get into fights over the stupidest things - their opinion of some movie, or some dead guy they never knew - and just forget the thousands and thousands of other things they'd like and appreciate in each other if they only bothered to look.

    Thank you for encouraging us to make that small effort.