Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bob Ross and Happy Little Trees!

The other day my son and I decided to watch a few Bob Ross videos on youtube.  I have to admit, I loved to watch him on PBS, when I was young.  He was always so happy and truly he was a pretty fantastic painter.  So, after watching the video, I busted out my paints and did a couple of my own happy little paintings.  
This was my first one.  I was mumbling to myself about happy trees, the whole time I was painting, it was marvelous!  I kind of think it needs a spaceship in there somewhere...

This is actually a portion of a neighbor's house, I was glancing out the window while I was painting it.  Again, a space craft of some sort, seems rather fitting.  Too many X-Files, perhaps?

Happy Painting!!  :)


  1. My son and I used to watch him too! I could never duplicate his results, but it was magical how he would use a single brush and a palette knife and make mountains and forests appear!
    Your results are far better than mine:-)

  2. I love your paintings. Especially the first one speaks to me.
    Almost finished for Christmas, just joyful things left as wrapping and making the tags. Hope you have a joyful time too. I haven't even noticed the shortage of butter. :-))

  3. OH Heather, you truly made me laugh out loud...I loved watching him as a kid on TV too, & have always wanted to do the happy little trees! & yours are happy indeed! :D


  4. Heather, I truly love both these paintings!!! I love the colors and the depth of them! Fantastic! A space craft would be cute in one of them! LOL! Love those X-Files ;o) Happy painting ;o)

  5. ...and his voice....so lilting and calm...haha!

    Oh, and the hair! He did some amazing things in paint, though, didn't he?!
    Your happy little trees are wonderful!

  6. Lisa, haha, I haven't tried using a palette knife, but I have to say, I am rather impressed with what he does with it.

    Thank you Laila, that is awesome that you've gotten to the point of only having the joyful things left. That makes it even more wonderful.

    Joanna, haha, I'm glad I could make you laugh. I always loved his cheeryness, you couldn't help but be happy when watching him.

    MLC, thank you. I had fun painting them, I think because I had no real expectations with them, so I was free to just paint and amazingly, happy little trees just popped up everywhere. :)

    Haha Cameron, you're right, his voice and his hair...unforgettable. He was truly talented though. Thanks!! :)

  7. Aaaaaah! In the second painting, the trees are no longer happy and little--they're gigantic and only appear to be happy because they're about to eat your neighbor's house!

    But don't get me wrong; I like the paintings. :)

    (Mmm... my verification word is "scone." Now I'm hungry. Either for scones, or for your neighbor's house. It's made of gingerbread, right?)

  8. I like the first one especially. Very atmospheric. And of course there's a spacecraft in there already - but you have to look over your shoulder to see it.

  9. You are so funny. I think a space ship would be awesome. I have painted one of his paintings before, and they were the same trees! haha. I then gessoed over the whole thing and now it is a silly collage. I don't think I liked my attempt!~

    Go watch some x-files! Ok, want to hear a funny story? I will tell you. When x-Files were on, my hubs had a bbgun that was suppose to be the same gun Scully uses, is that how you spell her name?, and we went in out friends backyard, and I pretended to be Scully. IT was a wicked good time! :D