Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Umbrella

Umbrellas, we seem to have a fascination for them.  The word comes from the Latin word Umbra, meaning shade or shadow.  They are also called brolly, gamp, sunshade, rainshade or bumbershoot.  No matter what you call them, they seem to have a magical quality to them. 

I took my love for trees and umbrella's and combined them.
Under the Umbrella Tree
When I was young, we had a clear, very long umbrella that I could sit under, I felt like I was inside a bubble, watching the rain all around me.   I have drawn or painted quite a few pictures with umbrellas, hoping to capture that feeling of whimsy, protection, or magic.  I have found several pictures created by other artists too, who see the beauty of an umbrella.  Today is rather rainy, a perfect day for an umbrella.  Enjoy the pictures!

Have an Uber magical day!


  1. I love the umbrellas. Would you like to jump through puddles with me?

  2. so great! i love seeing what you think Up and create =)
    happy u day (tag, u r it, visit me if you want to play)

  3. Love this post...umbrellas are magical.

  4. Those pictures are great, but I have to tell you the truth. I don't own an umbrella! In fact, I lived in England for nearly 8 years and I never had one. People kept giving them to me and I kept loosing them. I am sorry but it is beyond me. If you ever wanted to give me a present, please make sure it is not one. Is not that I don't like them, buy I keep forgetting them wherever I go.

  5. Hey! I had one of those clear bubble umbrellas! I drove my Mom crazy, I wanted to use it even if there was only a drop or two of rain. Have to admit though, in the summer when it's warm I don't use one, and I have been known to idle my way down the street in an absolute downpour. 'Cause once you're wet, what's the point of running? It's why people think me strange...:)

  6. I've never had a clear umbrella, but I always loved the sound of the rain on my umbrella. My kids adore them, and if there's no lightning around (actually pretty rare for a rainstorm in Colorado), I let them go out and play with umbrellas. A joy of childhood that we never quite lose as adults.

  7. Umbrellas and rain always seem to go together so how can I NOT like them?

    Yeah, that's what I thought...