Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Of Color: Sage and Sepia...Last Week!

Well, this was the last week of SOC.
It is over, I'm late posting should've been done last week,
 but if you look at my next post
you will see that I was busy with other "life" things.  :)
I enjoyed this adventure and I'm always amazed
at the talent and creativity of all that participated.  It is really cool
to see how each person translates the same colors into such
different and beautiful works of art.
It's truly inspiring.

I didn't start out with a plan, so this just came about.
Done in watercolor pencils on textured matte board.

this is the finished product, smoothing out the lines.

this is a very random, doodlish painting I did on cardboard, to test out some 20 year old
paints I found in my stash of art supplies....I'd never opened them.  They still work!

And just for fun, I'm making a pillow to put in my little sitting area.  
I'm going to quilt this part, then add the back, then the stuffing.  
My front room is blue and my curtains are a chocolate brown.  
These are bits of fabric from my stash that are in desperate need of being used.
I think it's time to make a bunch of lap quilts!  :)

Happy Week To You!


  1. just gorgeous Heather!
    I love thisamazing artsy face!

  2. Wow, love your butterfly girl - she's got a wonderful expression! And your girl with the octopus tentacle hair is super too, I'm glad those paints still worked - I'll have to try some of my old unopened supplies (we've all got that ancient stash of unopened art supplies!!!).

  3. Heather, your art is amazing! I love the pages you created using this week's SOC colors! And I am so happy that those 20 year old paints still worked! And extra added bonus!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us during SOC!

  4. I love your tree woman with the butterfly! So cool! 20 year old paints!! Wow! That's great that they still work! The pillow is going to look excellent! Take Care ;o)

  5. I love this one! (well I love all your works. <3) The way her face is made from branches and those wonderful cat green eyes are captivating. I totally missed SOC, I wanted to, but like you "life" just kept getting in the way.
    Amazing and pretty sweet that those paints still worked after so long. Woo to the hoo! Happy weekend to you. <3

  6. Hi Heather! Well the summer sure did fly by didn't it? I love your latest paintings, as always, you are so talented and imaginative. Your drawings and paintings always evoke such emotion. Good luck using up your fabric stash. When I do that it usually goes from one project to too many to count. But Fall is coming and that is a great time to sew! Whatever you do will be beautiful my friend! Hugs, Robin

  7. Thank you!!!! YOU were one of my biggest inspirations! I loved our conversation last October and thought about it and you throughout the year as I made the decision. AND I DO love it! SO far so good, but I love the freedom and flexibility AND I really love the work so far. We only just got our books (from which I will have a lesson plan) but I really am loving it so far. Thank you, xoxoxo

  8. Hellllooooo Heatherrrr Happy New Year wherever you are...