Monday, September 17, 2012

Ah Life...

So many things can happen in just a short period of time.  I'm forever amazed.

I finished my Medusa.
all the snakes are different zentangle designs, which I have to say, was a lot of fun to create.  I may need to find more goddesses to draw.

I made a dragonfly picture for a friend and sent it to her, as a very belated birthday gift.  I have a tendency to procrastinate (that is a serious understatement)  but in this case, it was quite a blessing.
Her father passed away a couple of years ago and when he did, she and her mother had both had quite a few experiences with dragonflies ( I had no idea), the day she received this in the mail, it had been exactly two years since her father's funeral.  I love when things work out like that.  Beautiful life.

In the past 3 weeks, we've had 2 more people move in with us. 
Austin, on the far left and Candace on the couch, along with my 3 sons.
It's a full and very creative house. 
I also gave my youngest dreads...

I have now been fully educated on how dreads work, how to maintain them...there is a lot to it all, but they're pretty awesome and he's lovin them.

Another picture I've drawn, inspired by a girl at the train station.
"waiting for the train"
(in pencil, ink and watercolor)

I got to go see my daughter, twice in one year..pretty spectacular.
my son-in-law, hub, daughter and moi.
Plus, we got to explore a cool coastal town, that we've decided deserves a longer visit.

I joined a very cool swap with a very cool bloggy friend...
We are swapping mermaids.  Here is a smidge of the one I will be sending to her.
this will be mailed out on Friday and I will show you the entire thing after she has received it. :)

And lastly, but not leastly...
We've begun our themed potlucks again, 
this one....
Star Wars!!
tusken raider

han solo

Happy Week and Life to you!