Friday, April 29, 2011

Yesterday....Nerd Alert

Yesterday was the first day of this Spring where the weather was perfectly gorgeous.  The sky was a Hayao Miyazaki kind of sky, rich blue with big white puffy clouds lazily floating by.
From the movie My Neighbor Totoro
The temperature was absolutely perfect, cool but not cold with a lovely breeze.  The trees and grass were exceptionally green.

The perfect day for the guys and I to take a journey through the woods.  Little did I know that I would be in the middle of an adventure.

It quickly became D&D meets, Ogre Battle with a little bit of Call Of Duty thrown in.  It was truly the most entertaining hike I've ever been on.  We were interrupted a few times by Ogres, which my sons had to battle for the right to pass. If we got caught in a sand pit, we'd roll the imaginary dice to see if we could continue on or become lunch for some vicious, wandering beast. We did have a couple of normal moments, skipping rocks down the river. 

My son found the perfect staff, so he became Gandolf and because of my height or should I say lack of, I was Frodo.

 Towards the end of the hike, they decided to break out in song, changing all the lyrics to that horrible Friday song, it is now all about D&D and being a nerd.  Needless to say, it was the nerdiest hike I've ever been on, but I loved every minute of it and I got a few decent pictures along the way.
Have a splendid day!


  1. that sounds like a grand adventure, indeed!
    we need to make time for those things.
    happy y day =)

  2. A nerd hike sounds like so much fun! Love the pics!

  3. Oh I wish I could have some adventure of the sort some time soon.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Sounds like you had a great time!! I love unexpected days like those. They are the stuff great memories are made of!

  5. I watched the movie, referring to the last image.

    beautiful y post.