Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Minding my P's and Q's

P is for People:  (Very Lovely People)
So far, this A-Z Challenge has been pretty amazing.  Mostly because it has given me the opportunity to meet so many awesome people and visit some really fantastic blogs.  I thought I'd mention a few whom I have become more familiar with. I look forward to meeting more new people and keeping up with the many lovely people I've met so far.  If you get a moment, please stop by and say hi to these wonderful people!

Lisa at   http://lkramer14.wordpress.com
Raszat  http://raszart.blogspot.com
Lisa  at  http://lisavooght.blogspot.com
Mojo at  http://mattermojo.blogspot.com
Noemi at  http://creacionesnoemibaena.blogspot.com
There are so many, many more!  I am loving getting to know you all!  Thanks so much for visiting me too!  :)

An artist whose name is Potter!  (another very lovely person)
I adore Beatrix Potter and her very cheery artwork.  I love the way she painted animals and gave them human characteristics.  The stories are sweet and splendid.  They always give me a feeling of nostalgia and comfort.   Enjoy!

Beatrix with her pet bunny! 

Q is for Quiet:
These days my house is more quiet then it once used to be.  My kids are older and have many other things to occupy their time.  I spend a lot of my time working on projects, I usually try to listen to music while I do, but sometimes I just enjoy the quiet.  The sound of the birds coming in through the windows.  The chimes that gently blow in the breeze.  A walk down a quiet road or through the park.
What is your definition of quiet?

The place I like to walk at the park.

The ferry ride, I love standing outside, watching the water.

My favorite swing.  I like to swing at night and look through the trees to the moonlit sky.
Have a Peaceful and Quiet day!!


  1. Oh Heather, how lovely! I wish I had swing too, to just let me go, I love that feeling.
    Thank so much for the mention too!
    I am enjoying meeting you too, you seem like an amazing person. Full of imagination and sensitive to things that the rest of the world don't even see.
    Thank you for being on the other side, and so you know, I am also on the other side for you.

  2. that was quite peaceful =)
    thanks for the post.
    happy p&q days!

  3. Heather: I'm a fan of Beatrix Potter as well. Her illustrations are beautiful. I enjoy stories in which animals have human characterisitcs. Watership Down comes to mind.

  4. Heather, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting such lovely things. And speaking of lovely, Beatrix Potter was always a favorite of my childhood. Roland

  5. i love the pictures! Will be flying to the UK next month and I'm hoping to drop by one of the museums dedicated to Beatrix Potter. :)
    Great meeting you through the A-Z!

  6. Hi Heather!Thanks for the mention :)) Afraid I'm falling further and further behind in blogging, sorry it took so long for me to get here! I'm glad you mentioned Ms Potter, they were some of my fave books when I was little and I have never seen cuter renditions of bunnies than hers. As for quiet, for me nothing beats being out in the woods, up on a bridge or a fire tower (I do like heights!) And it has been a pleasure reading your posts and getting to know you. Cheers!

  7. I was just over at Rasz's blog and you mentioned poppies...I need a photo/painting of red poppies (maybe even 2 or 3) for a (possible, future) ebook/book cover, so keep me in mind. It will go with tomorrow's post also, I can always go back and add it later :))

  8. Noemi, thank you. You're such a sweetie. I definitely think we must be kindreds. I hope you get a chance to swing on a tree swing. Ours is in a very tall tree, so when it swings, it's very smooth and so relaxing. I love to lay back while I swing and watch the silhouette of the trees against the sky.

    Tara, glad to bring a bit of peace to you!

    Luana, yes, I absolutely love her drawings. She was an amazing artist.
    There is a book series called The Cottage Tales, based on her, I love reading them. By Susan Wittig Albert. They are delightful.

    Roland, I'm enjoying checking out your blog, I like your story and hope to read more of it soon. That and you always have amazing pictures too. Love them. Great to meet you!

    Nutschell, I truly hope you get to pop in and visit her home. I hear they give tours to the little town she lived in. One of these days I plan to go there, with my sketchbook.

    Li, I have truly enjoyed getting to know you, via reading your incredibly amazing and witty stories. You do inspire me with your cleverness.
    As far as poppies are concerned, I would be happy to send you pics.

  9. Hi Heather, thank you for the mention! You are so sweet. I love the pic of Beatrice Potter. I had never seen a picture of her before. It's nice to put a face to such wonderful art. I always enjoyed her artwork too. So creative.

    The beautiful pictures for Quiet are so relaxing and awe inspiring. Thank you for such a special P&Q post.