Monday, March 28, 2011


The quality or state of being possible; the power of happening, being, or existing.

I love the idea of all things possible.  It is a new day in a new week and I am looking forward to the new possibilities that are ahead. They are endless!  
  "I dwell in possibility"    ~Emily Dickinson

"Come, let us have some tea and continue to talk about happy things."  
~Chaim Poto

I love teapots, tea, quiet moments, listening to the birds and during this time I consider
the possibilities.  Every day is a new day, with new possibilities waiting for us to discover and grab hold of, experience, enjoy.  I hope your day, your week, your life will be filled with
new and exciting possibilities.  


  1. What a beautiful post. I love teapots too. Now every time I admire a teapot I will think of possibilities. What a wonderful image and connection. I am bookmarking this post so whenever I feel stuck or discouraged I can come back to this as a reminder.

    Time to go grab the possibilities waiting for me today.

  2. Another beautiful post. I think I need to drink some tea and start today over, with new possibilities.

  3. I drink gallons of tea, even in the hottest weather. And I have 3 teapots plus the kettle (which is homely, dinged, and has a taped handle but it's an old friend). That quote goes hand in hand with "hope is a thing with feathers..." You have a good week too, see you on A day.

  4. Wonderful sentiments! I sometimes think I have a love affair with my tea. ;)

  5. Thank you!! I am glad you all enjoyed the post! I definitely have a love affair with tea, tea time, tea parties and especially teapots! I guess the whole idea of anything tea, immediately makes me feel happy and quaint. :) I hope you are all having a wonderful week with many amazing possibiliteas each day. Looking forward to A day too!! Woohoo!!

  6. I love tea-- what a happy post this is!

  7. Thank you Su! I enjoy anything tea related!