Sunday, January 22, 2012

Silent Sundays: A Quick Post

This past week has been very eventful.
I was sick, but feeling  better, although now my husband is sick.
We had snow, then an abundance of rain, which caused flooding in our area and in our basement....good times.  It is mostly dry now. (our basement)
But on the bright side, I've been drawing, painting and I am in the process of a lovely trade with a blog friend.  Hooray!
Now for pics!! Enjoy and may your day and week be filled with magic.

My favorite walking place is totally under water... :(


Finally finished it!   Uncertainty

A new pic.  I decided I would like to draw something everyday.  

This one is in the process, not quite done, so just giving you a sneak.  
God Bless and Have a Groovy Week, my friends!!


  1. Hope you have a better (and drier) week coming up! Glad you're finding time to continue with your art :-)

  2. Hope everyone in your house gets well. Love the pics as usual. The last one looks like she's got octopus hair.

  3. Hope everyone is on the mend! Love the footprints in the snow shot.

  4. I love your drawings, and the hair wow! Sorry about the flooding and sickness. Hope you all are well now. I really love the photo called "in winter" with the lovely dusty shades. What a motif to paint!
    Have a lovely creative week and excitement when checking the mailbox! I certainly will.

  5. hope you're all back to healthy!
    i love the idea of drawing every day. you're so talented!
    nice winter pics and love the tentacle haired maiden!

  6. I'm sorry to hear you've been under the weather....literally and figuratively!
    These pics are very cool....I especially like the trees and the footprints!
    Your Uncertainty fairy reminds me of one I did some years back. I think I have a pic of it somewhere if you're interested....haha....funny how like minded Fantasy loving Sistas travel in the same circles :)
    Can't wait to see your Octopus girl, too!!

  7. SO PRETTY!!! I LOVE your finished piece - the colors and energy in it - and such a brilliant blue (which you know I love ;) - and I LOVE your new drawing!!! I hope it made you feel better in some way - now I wish you luck in taking care of your dear hubby too, xoxo

  8. Heather, I really truly love your art!!! I am sorry about the flood in the basement! The rain has been pooring today! Nothing in the basement, yet! Cross fingers ;o) I love your pics!! Have a great one ;o)

  9. You've had some crazy weather up there! It hasnt been nearly as eventful out here in the middle :) glad you're feeling better though, hope your family is getting well too! And hope that soon your walking place will not be underwater, that's no good!