Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silent Sundays: Playing Dress Up!

Fall is here and it is time to start planning and making Halloween costumes.  This is the time when we pull out our costume boxes and dig thru to see what we have.  Every year we add to these boxes.  But dressing up isn't just for Halloween, we love any excuse to do it.  I went through some pics and picked out a few to share with you.  Hopefully they will inspire some ideas and thoughts for this upcoming magical day.  They range from corny to creepy.  And of course, we love cheesy.  Enjoy!!  :)

Mobster and Miss Kitty at our annual Halloween Party

Super Heroes party

May Day, time to take May baskets and put them on doors.

Epic Halloween

Pennies From Heaven...1940's theme.

Thrift Store Prom 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

1980's Theme Party...yes, that is my son, his girlfriend dressed him up.


Hiking on a foggy night

Halloween, last year, it was a bit more gruesome than usual.

An Alice Party, Tweedle Dee Dum

Tim Burton Potluck

Super Hero Potluck, Plastic Man and Bag Lady

The Renaissance Faire

Video Game Potluck,  Link likes Nachos

C.O.D.  Video Game Potluck

B.A. Potluck, my son dressed as Abraham Lincoln, the ultimate B.A.

Flash....Ahh aah!  Super Hero Potluck

Make up and thrift store clothing go a long way to making really great costumes.
Now it's time to figure out who we will be this Halloween.


  1. Your family looks like a lot of fun.

  2. This is fabulous. Every day should be Halloween as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Thank you Shelly. I do enjoy being with them, they are a goofy bunch.

    Julie, I quite agree. I love Halloween, it's just so fun to dress up and be someone else for a day.

  4. What a fun family you have! You are such a good Mama - you are giving them such wonderful memories and giving me such great ideas . . . thanks for the inspiration and thank you for your sweet comment ;) xoxo

  5. wow, you guys sure like to dress up!
    my family is boring. i need to ditch them and go stag to a halloween party this year B€

  6. I love the pictures. Holloween is pretty awesome, but I like my costumes dark. You're the fairy type, I think. :)

  7. Kristin, thank you! We do have fun together. We love Halloween and obviously dressing up. :) Hope we can inspire others, too.

    Tara, haha, you should do it. Halloween parties are always fun, dress up and have a good time.

    Laila, I do enjoy dressing up. When my kids were younger we stayed away from the "darker" type costumes, but now that they're all teens, I'm a bit more open. And yes, I I think I do lean more towards fairies. :)

    Daniele, it is indeed.

  8. You sure do have allot of fun! I can only remember a couple of really good dress-up halloweens in my past. Can't wait to see this years photos of you all!

    Jessi xox

  9. Fun stuff. I don't dress up anymore, but I used to when my kids were younger. My favorite costumes are the homemade ones we concocted from stuff at home and some make-up.

    Tossing It Out

  10. I adore period/historical costumes, as well as last minute get-ups. One year my son got a last minute invite, his store-bought costume had a tear, and we resorted to emptying the first aid kit and covering him with bandages and gauze. We had a lot of fun with that!