Monday, April 4, 2011

Captivated, Cat and a Cup of Coffee!

Foo Foo, he is captivated by the birdies outside! 

 What captivates you?  What is it that would cause you to rise up out of your comfortable, warm place and simply stare for as long as time would allow?  Is it the beautiful sunrise?  The laughing, innocent face of your child?  The deep, lovely eyes of your spouse that make you melt every time you look into them?

I am captivated by my coffee, every morning!!

I am captivated everyday by the beauty that
is in this world.  The nature, the people, the creatures, I am constantly in awe.
I hope today that you will take the time, even if it's just a brief moment, to be captivated.  To focus your attention on something new, different, or maybe something you normally take for granted, thinking it will always be there.


  1. I'm definitely captivated by coffee, too! Love the photos and what a fantastic C word.

  2. I'm captivated by beautiful scenery and beautiful your artwork!!! I am so envious of people who can paint and draw.
    Hi there,
    Thanks for checking out my blog and for the 'follow'! So glad to have you with me!!! I’m still new to blogging and really appreciate any new followers.
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  3. Captivating! :)

  4. A rather beautiful post, if you don't mind my saying so. I think it's often movement that captivates me - lightning rippling through night-time clouds, or the swirl of tree branches on a windy day. I find ocean waves hypnotic.

    And I love the sense of movement in your pictures. Very glad you commented on my blog so I could find yours!

  5. Thanks Tali, I am having a cup of coffee right now, it goes well with blog visiting!
    Hi Kathy, thank you! I love your photography, it's beautiful as well as captivating. I will come back by and take in some more.
    Thank you LIsa! :)
    Mojo, thanks for popping by. I agree, movement is a beautiful thing. We had a wonderful thunderstorm last night, with swaying trees and loads of lightning. My favorite. The ocean is majestic and definitely hypnotic. I look forward to seeing what the letter C is in your world today!!

  6. What an inspiring post Heather. Today I was captivated by the beauty of Spring popping up all over. I stood there, my mind silenced for a moment, to just behold the daffodils. The various colors of whites and yellows, the shape of the pedals and the contrasting sharp, straight, green leaves arising from the cracks of the rocks they call home. It was a well worth moment. Thank you for reminding me of what captivated me today. I smile again thinking of it.

  7. I am captivated by my daughters smiles. When they are playing and laughing, that makes me more than happy.
    When I am by the see, there are so many feelings that I do feel captivated.
    And many more things, life is full of great things, like the smell of coffee that my husband just made, I don't drink coffee but that smell first thing in the morning tells me that he is home, that he is by my side and that i love him very much. That also captivates me.
    This is a great post to read first thing in the morning!

  8. Love your site man keep up the good work