Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's A Cupcake Sort of Day!!

A day of Love!  
Everyday should be filled with love, after all, isn't that what we are here for?
Today, I will make cupcakes to share the love...and a few calories.  

Here are a few photos I took this past week!
(my son and his girlfriend)
Happy Love Day to you all!  


  1. Ah, young love...how cute. (Gotta love the hat!) Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  2. Awww...the cupcakes say it all :)

  3. That was sweet. Cupcakes and all!

  4. How sweet the youngsters are, and the Cupcakes. Heather, I've promised Sandra to tell you many thanks for your sweet words to her. Last time here I let her see your post showing her painting. She said: My painting did it all the way to America and she was all smiles. ( and very proud too)
    Hope you had a happy Valentine's day.

  5. That sure looks like fun! Pics and cupcakes alike.
    I just bet your house is filled with so much laughter....what a lucky girl you are :)

  6. I totally love the pictures of your son and his girlfriend! So beautiful! Made me smile ;o) I love the cupcakes too! I hope you had a Happy Valentine's day ;o)

  7. I think they are the cutest thing ever. You can totally see their happiness. And how were your cupcakes?

  8. SO so so sweet!!! LOVE her cape! xoxo