Friday, February 10, 2012

For The Birds

Recently, I have been working on a new series of pictures and trying out some different techniques with my watercolor pencils...nothing too extreme, but just a little different from my other pictures.
This series of pictures is girls and their birds.  These are the first 3 that I've completed and I have 3 more that are in progress.  I would love to hear what you think.  Feedback is always nice.  :)  As always, thank you for popping by.

Hope everyone is doing well and having a splendid week.  Cheers!!
"No Egrets"
(punny, I know!)  


"A Brief Visit"
(my apologies for the poor quality of this photo, it was a bit dark in the room when I took the picture.  Light sure makes a difference.)


  1. Oh! I thought the colouring in that last one was deliberate! It was my favourite of the three because of its warmth :)

  2. They are all beautiful,but I especially like the last one. Perhaps because of the warmth in it. You really master those pencils well, and it's a good idea with girls and their birds. Looking forward to see which girls/birdies next.

  3. I like them all...though the composition of the first one is really nice. Egrets and crows are among my favorite birds, with owls rounding out the list. I'm going to bet you have an owl in 1 of the next 3 :)

    I wish I had a window like that last girlie does...gorgeous shape. Her hair is divine, too!!
    Can't wait to see the next 3!

  4. They are all beautiful Heather. x

  5. Oh my goodness--each one is so beautiful--I couldn't choose a favorite.

  6. Thank you everyone! :) And yes, Cameron, I definitely have an owl in one of my other pictures. Haha, I love owls too. :)

  7. The first picture had intense eyes.

  8. Very pretty and vibrant. My favorite is the third one. You draw birds very well. That's what I'm practicing right now, birds! Some of my birds look like fishes, dolphins to be exact! But I'm getting there! Patsy from

  9. These are absolutely FABulous! I really love the last piece, it reminds me of a fairy tale. And the first piece with her very cool pink tattoo is so unique and clever! Your drawing skills are so impressive and I love how pretty your girls are.
    Thank you too for your sweet comment - you made my day - and right back at you! xoxoxo

  10. how are you soooooo sosososososooooo amazing? you are. I am blown away by you. I prefer the last I think, but they are all captivating!

  11. Heather, you are so talented! I know you must get sick of me saying those things, but you are! I am in awwww every time I look at your art! Do you sell all your originals or keep them for yourself? So beautiful!

  12. Again, thank you so much everyone. I appreciate the feedback and the compliments. :) You are all so sweet.
    Patsy, I checked out books on birds, from the library, it helps me to see them in different positions, it's hard to draw them from my mind.
    I have sold some original paintings, but haven't sold any of my drawings. I usually have prints made of my drawings. :)
    Thank you!

  13. I like that you chose unusual birds instead of typical dainty songbirds. Egrets are impressive birds - there's one which goes fishing across the road in the neighbor's pond :-) And I like the effect of the lighting on the last picture too!