Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Good Week!

This has been a really good week.  It's nice when things begin to fall into place and you realize that timing is everything.  It's a blessing!  My oldest son got a job that he is pretty excited about.
Terri and I are going to be working for a boutique that has some super cute clothes, we already did a photo shoot to help promote the store.
My next son is volunteering at a really cool place and it will eventually become a job for him.  Now I just need to help my next son find his niche'.  Always a tough thing to do.  I'm still feeling like I'm not quite sure what my niche' is.  So, I am just sketching random things and painting when I get a minute.
Tonight I was drawing in my black paper sketchbook.  Here are some pictures of what I drew.  I apologize, the quality is very poor, I used my phone  ( I was too lazy to walk to the other room and get my camera)  Also, I will add a photo of Terri, wearing a very groovy outfit from the boutique.
Hope you all had a good week as well.  Peace and Blessings to you!!



Love this dress.

ok, so I added an extra one...:)

I also played with a couple of photos tonight.
Here they are! 


  1. Beautiful drawings Heather, that rabbit looks so soft that I want to touch it. I really like what you did to the photos too, how clever you art to manage photoshop or simular programs.
    You're right, it's a serious job to guide our youths to their right niche. I always tell my son that it's never too late to change if he want to. But a good and solid start is important. He's a mechanic and now he is talking about beeing an engeneer. I'm sure you'll do the best to guide your children on their way. Have a wonderful week!

  2. Wonderful drawings--I love how they look against the black paper--that must be a bit of a challenge. sounds like life is very good for you and everyone around you--Love when that happens!

  3. I love the slightly supernatural look of those colours on black paper, especially the rabbit!

  4. HOW Fun! Sounds like a great new adventure with the store and those pictures and dresses are so pretty! (LOVE the silver shoes too ;) AND I really love your drawings on the black paper journal! That bunny has my heart! xoxo

  5. Heather, can I first say, thank you for the beautiful comment for mom ;o) She was really touched! And, so was I ;o) So happy everything is going well ;o) I love the dresses! Very pretty and funky! And, I love your pictures of the outside too! Have a terrific week ;o)

  6. I forgot!!!! Love, love, love your sketches!!!!

  7. Good weeks are always such a pleasure! Glad to hear you and your clan have been enjoying one!
    How fun that you and your daughter get to work together....I hope my girl is one of my closest friends when she becomes a woman herself...she's already an amazing little person at 5 :)

    I didn't know they made sketchbooks with black paper. How cool is that! And what fun you're having with it! Awesome stuff here, Heather!

  8. oh, everything is fabulous, like YOU!!! I LOVE that black dress! Is this your son's girlfriend? She is adorable! I think you HAVE found your niche, but maybe don't want to really speak it! I am feeling this!