Friday, June 24, 2011

Fireflies and Glowing Eyes

For this weeks The Summer of Color
the color we are to work with is GREEN!
Instead of adding many shades of green to my drawing,
 I decided to keep it simple and sketch it out in 
pencil no. 2 and just add hints of green.
I love the color green and my thoughts immediately
 went to fireflies, as this is the season for them.  
On my evening walks, there are thousands of them
 all along the sides of the roads, twinkling like stars.  It's magical.  
My apologies for the picture quality, my phone camera isn't uber spectacular. 
If you're interested in participating in The Summer of Color, click on the link and come join us, as we color the summer in many beautiful shades.  
Thank you Kristen for putting this all together, it's so inspiring.

On a side note, I finished a WIP.  I really hadn't planned to, but as I pulled out my sketchbook, I saw this waiting for me.  After a week of blue and then green, I knew what this picture needed to be complete.    

Mrs. Peacock
Enjoy the lovely weekend my friends!


  1. Heather it is so great that you have joined th summer of colours event! Your drawing is spectacular, so great that you left it as it is.
    can´t wait to see what you will be doing for the pink week. See you then!

  2. Oooo--I love the sketch with just the hint of green--so cool.
    And Mrs. Peacock--wonderful!!!

  3. oh, that green really stands out! How fun. I have never sketched anything really. You're so talented. I LOVE how Mrs. Peacock turned out with the mixture of blue and green. Really incredible you are!

  4. I LOVE the fireflies! I also love that woodland setting! I'm enjoying both pieces as well as your blog :D Have a great week!

  5. Oh I love your firefly girl. You highlighted the most important parts. Sure brought back memories of my childhood in MN. I don't see them here in WA. So sad.

  6. Both terrific pieces, you are such a talented artist. Annette x

  7. Hi! I've been away, sorry :) I love black and white drawings and photos with just 1 or maybe 2 colours. You do well drawing faces - they are so difficult! (At least for me.) Well done, as usual.

  8. Hi Noemi, how are you doing, my beautiful friend? I considered not joining this, because I have so many other things going on right now, but I just couldn't help myself and I liked that I could skip a week, if I needed to. :) I'm excited about pink week too, although I have no ideas yet, it will be a surprise for all of us, haha!

    Diane, thank you very much. Fireflies are always inspiring.

    Daniele, thank you! You're a sweetie! I can't believe you've never sketched anything, you're so artistic and creative, I bet you would be good at it. You should give it a try.

    Thank you Joanna, I love your blog too. Very beautiful artwork. Have a great week, as well! :D

    Sharon, thank you! Yes, I had entirely forgotten about fireflies until we moved here. They are truly magical. I wish they were everywhere and I really wish that depending on where you were, they glowed different colors! :P

    Thanks Netty. Much appreciated!

    Dearest Li, oh how the blog world had missed you. I hope you're enjoying your travels. I haven't read your post yet about Jersey Shore, my apologies, but it makes me think of the show and I'm afraid of a drop in my IQ. haha, I'm sure there's no chance of that on your blog though, it's always tremendously clever and brilliant. I can't wait to visit. You've been missed! :)

  9. I love the limited use of green. I am no art critic by any stretch, but I know what draws me to your work, Heather.
    There's always a depth that doesn't manifest itself immediately. One has to search for it. I like craft that makes us think, and really appreciate those who, through their craft, insist we do so.

  10. Gorgeous drawings! Love that you used so little color with pencil drawing. It really pops out.:)

  11. Just swinging by to thank you for 'drawing' me back to blogging :)

    As usual, I love your work.

  12. Great job with the green in your drawing, absolutely beautiful. And congrats on finishing the WIP! YEAH!!! She is so pretty too!

    Enjoy the fireflies. I miss them on the hot summer nights, flickering all over. We do not have fireflies here :(

  13. Thank you very much Bryce, what a lovely compliment. I do tend to put a lot of feeling into my drawings. A lot of how it turns out, depends on what is currently going on in my world. I think that is fairly universal though, in the world of creative people. I do feel the same about your writing. Full of depth.

    Thank you Natasha, I was hoping for that effect. :)

    Mojo, so glad to see you in the blogosphere again. I am certain I'm not the only person who has noticed your absence. And thank you! :)

    Robin, thank you. Yes, I thought of you when I finished the WIP, because you seemed to really like her before.
    The fireflies have been out in abundance this year, lighting up the evening skies. It has been pretty warm here, a little too warm.

  14. Heather your drawings are fabulous... love all the gorgeous details and the pop of green...

    Jenny x

  15. At the lake the last night, if you blocked out the light of the campfires and focused intently on the darkened forest, you could see hundreds of thousands of fireflies twinkling against the blackened trees. Mystical and magical! :D

  16. Fabulous how you have just added a hint of green....and Mrs Peacock is stunning!

  17. Thank you Jenny!

    Zade, that's how it is whenever we go for walks at night. I love it.

    Thanks, Jan! Sometimes less is more. :)

  18. Oh! How did I miss this? I am so sorry - it is just stunning work! I LOVE that you were able to finish your beautiful girl with blue and green - she is so intricate and so pretty. And Your first sketch is fabulous! I LOVE the bright green accents on such a beautiful drawing, Thank you, xo