Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blue Moon

I am participating in Kristen's lovely Summer of Color event.
I am a wee bit late getting started.  I am just now posting for last week's color 
Blue.  If you're interested in joining in, check out her blog and sign up.  You can join week by week, she has awesome giveaways and if you'd simply like to just browse, you can see who is taking part and visit their creative blogs.  
My blue!
I named this Blue Moon, even though the moon looks more orange and red.
Recently, as the moon was heading for the horizon, it was very orange and almost redish.  My boys and I have been taking late night walks up the hill, to watch the moon.  The redness of the moon seems to only happen, once in a blue moon.
For awhile, I've been really wanting to try out collage, but haven't gotten to it.  
With this picture, I got creative and used my new business cards to make the trees on the left.  Shortly after having 1,000 cards printed up, we found out we are moving, so what does one do with so many cards.  Throwing them away seems wasteful.  I've decided to use them in pictures.  They are after all, cards for the art studio and art lessons where I was teaching.  Seems fitting.  Even more so for this picture, since it was The Blue Box and all the colors on the cards were blue!
Well friends, I hope you have a happy and not blue week!  
I will hopefully be posting my "green" picture before the week is out.


  1. love this pice - the energy and how much I want to see what is over the hill

    I have a big pile of business cards that I use as the basis for tags, small collage, ATC etc - great to have them ready cut to size

  2. Wonderful wonderful painting!!! And the business cards--perfect!!

  3. This pic reminds me of something that could be found on an album cover.

  4. oh I absolutely adore this. I love that you made a scene from your time with your sons. and I am a huge fan of swirls...always reminds me of a Tm Burton movie or something! Love it!

  5. This is sooo magical!! just gorgeous Heather!

  6. Putting the business cards in the mix was a great touch! It gave me pause, made me wonder why you chose the trees and not the moon, road, or fields to use them on.

    Loved it!

  7. This is so wonderful! I LOVE that you used your business cards (don't you hate it when that happens!) and incorporated them here - and I am SO honored that you did blue anyway - I'd love to see your green if you have the time - your work is lovely! xo

  8. another great picture. how do you come up w/ the textures? everything blends so smoothly!

  9. Hi Heather,

    I wanted to give you the Stylish Blogger Award! Stop by my blog when you have a chance :)

    I love your Blue picture. It reminds me of The Secret of Kells!

  10. Hi Helena, over the hill is another hill and then another, it's west of our house and perfect for evening walks when the sun is about to set, it's gorgeous. There are no houses, just fields of green grass and trees and sometimes cows. :) I like the idea of ATC's. These cards are slick, but I may play with that idea and see what I can do.

    Thank you Diane, I need to pop over and see what you're up to. I love all of your creative collages, they're magical.

    Mike, that could be pretty epic! I wonder what kind of music the band would play? Possibilities....I like that! :)

    Ahh...thank you LG!

    Thanks Daniele, I love big swirls too. And Tim Burton is one of my faves. He's such a groovy guy! I spend a lot of time with my boys and they're such a hoot to be around. I enjoy every moment with them.

    Thank you Joanna, I can definitely say the same about yours. I love the mermaids! Sweet!

    Hey thanks Bryce. I think because I feel a deeper connection with trees. It just felt right. :)

    Kristen, thank you. Using the business cards was a last minute idea. I do know what I want to do for green, but haven't started it yet. Hoping tonight.

    Thank you Tara! On this picture, the majority of it was done with watercolor pencils. The big swirls in the sky I did with acrylic paint, then I actually used water to smear the sky. The only other texture is the card trees. :)

  11. Ahh...thank you Charmalot!
    Very cool, that it reminds you of the Secret of Kells!

  12. Lovely piece! Calm but with energy at the same time. So worthy of a number of long looks!

  13. Thank you Sandi! Time with my boys always inspires, as does nature.

  14. Oh Heather,
    I missed on your blue piece!!! So sorry, I just realized now as I was going trough your blog to post you sweet award that I hadn't got around to post and I forgot the rules to it.
    I am also not a collage person, but I've decided to start an art journal after seeing so fantastic pieces of art in the Summer of colour challenge. I have been very encouraged to do it.
    I just have to get a nice blank notebook.
    As for your painting,it is so calming and sweet, even with those blue and grey colours an the trees that in some other setting would be quite scary. Love the effect of your business cards.