Thursday, September 15, 2011

Total Alignment: Balance!!

Balance is the second part of The Total Alignment workshop and painting "Fearlessly".  This is what came to me for balance.  I didn't think about it at all, just let the paint brush flow across the page.  
I had a bit of paint left over and I always hate to waste it, so I painted a smaller picture, again without thinking about it...

The past few days, I have had a bit more inspiration and desire to just create and draw and paint, just for the fun of it.  These few pictures are what I've spent time on and have enjoyed creating.  No boundaries, no over thinking, just enjoying the process.
A drawing for the fun of it.

I'm excited for Halloween!  Ms. Kitty.

Fall is coming.  The Harvest

Stopped to chat.  Late For Tea!

This last picture, I had started painting a picture of woman and didn't like it, so painted over it with the remaining blue and black paint, then decided I couldn't waste a good piece of paper, so this came out of it. 
Hope you are having a splendid week.  It's beginning to feel like Fall....


  1. You GO GIRL!!! Look at all you are creating, WOW!!! Totally awesome. Your drawings are absolutely amazing. I have not created all week and am heading off into my little art space to play! I just got my second new long handled GOOD brush and I want to see what I can create now with two paintbrushes...well one at a time but you know what I meant, haha!!! Have a great day and so glad Total Alignment and creativity is opening back up!

  2. you are amazing! when halloween comes i'd like to use one of your pics for my title. i still remember them, love it!
    fall is the best time of year =]

  3. These are beautiful! Love The Harvest.

  4. I love the Fall Harvest one. Her hair is cool. Scary almost. Paranormal like...even goddess-like.

  5. Love it! The Halloween one spoke to me especially because my daughter was just showing me the Minnie Mouse costume she's making. Heck, is it that time of year already?

  6. Robin Thank you so much. I am really enjoying it and so glad you introduced it to me. It's really been fun and an eye opener. I hope you were able to spend the rest of the day creating. I look forward to seeing what you've done. :)

    Tara, you're definitely welcome to use any of the pics for your blog. I would be honored. Thank you!!

    Thank you Julie. I have to say, that is my favorite too. But I love anything with pumpkins. :)

    Thanks Shelly. I was having fun with her hair, it's always fun to draw hair and make it long and crazy. :)

    Botanist, Yes, Halloween is coming quickly and I haven't even put up my decorations yet. Crazy how fast this year has flown by. I suppose we should all be making costumes now. :)

  7. I like this set of paintings. They're rich in blues and similar colors. They make me feel relaxed and frankly fit in quiet well with the chill in the air outside. :)

  8. Thank you Laila! I have been inspired by the turning of the weather and thoughts of Fall. :)

  9. Ah, I have wanted to do this workshop. You're all getting your mojo back. Where is mine? Oh, mine is lost to a two year old! ha!

  10. Great art! I love your drawing just for the fun of it and the Harvest one.