Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silent Sundays: Silent, but Deadly!

Normally my Silent Sundays are photos, with very little to no wordiness from me.  But today's rather late post of pics, has a bit of an interesting story to go with it.
Hope you don't mind.

The boys and I decided to go out for a jolly jaunt this week.  There is a rather gorgeous walking park only a few miles from where we live, which we'd yet to explore, so we decided today would be the day.

Zade felt the need to "dress" for the occasion.  If only he'd had a pipe!

All was going well, we found an enchanted trail through the blackberry bushes, then ran across a sign that warned us that a Cougar had been spotted the week before, so we started watching out for hot mom's and didn't see any.  Then we ran across this sign, which made us chuckle a bit...No Break Dancing!!
So, we journeyed onward until.......
We walked to a dead end path and encountered some nervous bees, who apparently thought we were honey thieves.  They fiercely came after us and stung those of us who were wearing purple.  I guess honey thieves are purple wearers.  (The other two were wearing brown)  I escaped with only two bee stings, but my son.....
He was stung 16 times.  Yikes!!  Fortunately, he is not allergic and is terribly brave.
We made our way home quickly and applied sliced potatoes (an old home remedy) to his bee stings.  We were both feeling much better after a yummy bowl of potato soup....I used fresh potatoes for that.  :)
Needless to say, it was quite an adventure.

Have a happy and lovely Labor Day!  :)


  1. Neat photos! Looks like you guys are enjoying your new environs. Happy for you!

    Wanted to come by and say hi. I'm still alive, although tired and really behind because of the move. I'll continue to check in with ya, because, well, I insisted you do the same. :)


  2. Oh no! 16 bee stings! That is terrible! I hope he's ok, and so glad he doesnt have an allergy! That's got to be hard on a mama.

    Hope you're enjoying this new nice weather we're having! Isnt it so nice after this terrible summer? Hurray for fall!~

  3. I don't know what it says about me that when you mentioned the Cougar, I had the exact same thought. Also, thanks to your son's experience, I have learned a very valuable lesson: Never wear purple. So much for my aspirations to become king. I hope he's healing up fast.

    And in other news, now I feel the need to buy myself a pair of argyle socks.

  4. Your family is adorable!! Sorry for your bee fight! ;) I just made this goofy lotion for my 10yr old son called, Secret "Bee Go Away" Formula. He is having some anxiety over bees this season so I thought this would give him courage. Guess I should have mailed a bottle to you! You've made me hungry talking about potato soup so I'm off to get lunch. Hugs!

  5. Oh my goodness! NO WAY - poor thing was stung 16 times!!! Oh, I hope he's feeling better by now and that the potatoes did their job (good one ;). Oh, and tell Zade I think he's so cool - those socks are the best ever, xoxo

  6. Oh my! 16 times is a bit excessive, even for suspected honey thieves! (I hope you don't mind me leaving so many comments but i just discovered your blog!)

    Your son does look like he is trying to be brave, poor thing. :( I wouldn't have been.

    I like your witty humour, especially about the cougars and purple wearers.