Friday, September 2, 2011

A quick little post: Recycled Art for the Soul!

I received this little treasure years ago, from a young girl whom I taught to quilt. This was her way of thanking me and I've loved it.  It has been sitting where I can see it every day, but the years have warped it and worn it out, so I decided to recycle this.

I pulled it all apart, no easy task, I think it was glued together!  I cut out a nice piece of thick drawing paper to fit and drew a new picture, but kept the verse.  I've always loved this verse..."We live by faith, not by sight."

The frame was looking a bit rough, so I painted it black and then lightly rubbed it off to let a little bit of the gold show through.  I also thoroughly cleaned the glass, it was very filthy.

And there it is.  My new little piece of art.  I wrote the verse in the wings, it's probably a bit hard to see the words, but they are there. :)
I rarely buy things to decorate my house, because over the years I've had so many little unique treasures given to me from family and friends. I love to have it all around the house, so that whenever I look at the item, I am reminded of the person who gave it to me.  And it fills my home with coziness!
Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. I love love love what you are doing here. I am a huge admirer of old treasures, from old photos to old furniture. You are doing an enchanting job here :). Kisses.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful Heather! What a transformation and being able to keep a little piece of the girl with it. Isn't it nice to also have a photo recording of the recycle process. So many times I have recycled items that held such precious memories and did not take pictures wishing later down the road I had!

    I am sure you have the perfect spot in your new place for this treasure!

  3. I am a huge fan of recycled beauty. What a great way to keep a memory living and vibrant.

  4. What a great up date to something old. Love the message on the wings.

  5. Fantastic! I love the idea and your finished piece. Always enjoy a visit to your blog!!

  6. perfect! do you do arts and craft fairs?

  7. Very nice. Wished I could think like that.

  8. Unikorna, thank you! I was looking at it the other day and just realizing how worn out it was looking. It was fun to re-create something and hang on to the memory of it.

    Robin, thanks. Yes, I found a perfect spot where I can see it everyday. I normally wouldn't have taken pics, but I thought it would be a fun and different blog post for me to try. I may have to do more of these, I enjoyed it.

    Julie, I agree. I've not done much of this sort of thing, but now I'm looking around and wondering what else I can transform. I could get addicted to it. :)

    Thank you Jean. I love the message too. It's a great reminder every day!

    Thanks Rebecca, I appreciate it. I really enjoyed the process and the end result.

    Hi Tara, I haven't yet, but I may in the future. :)

    Thank you Shelly! I'm sure you are very creative. I've seen the way you write, very inspired! :)

  9. Heather, What a wonderful way to keep an old treasure but give new life to your decor. You've done a beautiful job with this one. LOVE the butterfly!!! (transformation - how approprate)
    Jessi xox

  10. Thanks for sharing this post. Hands-on 3rd in Los Angeles, California is also doing recycled art and they’ve got some very nice pieces too. Just recently they held an event with GreenopolisTV. Check out this video, it’s related to your post.

  11. Thank you Jessi, I had so much fun re-creating this.

    Sandy, thank you for stopping by. I checked out the video you sent and it is really cool. I like the broken glass art, beautiful. Actually, all of it was. Thank you for sharing that with me. :)