Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Seasons: Art and Photos

I am in the process of drawing the Seasons.  I now have Spring, Summer and Fall.  Need to get to work on Winter.  I also finished another ink drawing to go with my Sometimes I Dream of Coffee picture.  
Also, today was a magically gorgeous day.  I took some photos of the bloomin' trees.
Hope your Spring is full of life, blossoms, peace and joy!



Sometimes I Dream In Color

Cherry Blossoms

A Fine Day

Stayin' Alive...ha..ha..ha..ha..

you can't help but dance to that song.

cool fountain

bloomin blossoms

Spring is lovely!


  1. Beautiful!!--all of them (I think...I like Summer the best..but I don't know :)
    P.S. Don't you just love how you feel on these wonderful Spring days?!

  2. They are beautiful, all of them. The Fall is closest to me though. How beautiful you arranged her hair and that background swept me right away.
    Thanks also for sharing the lovely blooming Cherry trees. What a wonderful sight!!
    Last but not least, thanks for your kind words over at my site. I really appreciate it.

  3. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful! I love your art so much!!! I love the design coming out of the girl's eye in Spring, her tears are the rain! And, I love the leaf earrings and the one pumpkin earring! "Sometimes I Dream In Color" is amazing! So much fun! You are so creative! And, your pictures are gorgeous!
    Have a great day!

  4. Our trees are all blooming too - gorgeous, but oh, my allergies!! You have some lovely photos to inspire your art :-)

  5. I love that your are doing seasons! How clever! I love all of your pieces, but I especially LOVE "Sometimes I Dream In Color" the detail is simply fabulous.

    The trees are lovely too, this time of the year is my favorite!!! xoxo

  6. Oh, those bloomin' trees!

    Wonderful work so far. I look forward to seeing how winter turns out. (I suspect there may be hair of icicle! (Or perhaps just snow covered branches.) And light blue eyes! (Or maybe just grey... I'll stop prognosticating now.)

  7. Your pics are gorgeous! Especially the cherry blossoms...
    I once wrote a short piece inspired by a "cherry blossom" discussion...
    Your newest follower!