Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Magical Trade!

In March, Cameron from Paint Myself Pretty blog, and I decided to do an art trade.  Check out her blog, her art is so fun and whimsical and she's not afraid to try everything!!
Yay, this is the second one I've participated in, and it is so much fun to see and get to know the creative side of fellow artists/bloggers.  
We had hoped to complete the trade by the end of March, but it ended being last week, mostly because of busyness in my days.  
We created original pieces of art for each other and it's so amazing to see her work in person.  She puts so much into it.  I'm super excited with what I received from her.
This is the fantastic piece she created for me, it is so magical and I can't wait to hang it up.  Look at all those amazing details.  Actual gold in the hair too.  

If you've ever done a trade, you will notice that artists love to send other little 
goodies, along with the actual art piece.  It is so exciting to open the package and find a bundle of goodness, it's like an unbirthday gift.  :)

Look at these delicious bits of goodness.  Scraps of old fashioned pics, which I am so loving, cute little envelopes, which I've no doubt, she crafted, her own little artist calling cards, which are absolutely amazing!!!

It is a plethora of goodness and I'm so looking forward to working on some new projects and trying more collage type art.  So inspiring!!

Her sweet little painting of a sleeping cat, on a card that she wrote in.  I love this, it's so sweet!  
If you haven't yet had the opportunity to make an art trade, I encourage you to do so.  It is so fun and such a great way to get to know fellow artists, even better. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cameron.  <3
P.S. If you are interested in doing a trade, let me know!  :)


  1. Awesome! I just finished an Art Swap too, If your interested just let me know. We do love to Give with little extras too.! Lucky you

  2. You are just too sweet, Heather! I am happiest knowing that my art is so loved and hanging in a home that enjoys her so much!!

    ...and yes, the goodies are the frosting on the art trade cake, for sure....heehee!!
    Thank you for the most excellent shout out and electronic hug!!
    Huge hugs back at ya!!


  3. Awe . . . I saw that painting on her blog a while back and loved it! She is a beautiful artist and it was so sweet of her to include all those fun goodies! How fun. That is so cool - thanks for sharing this and for your sweet comments.
    Would be cool to do a trade - and in person! xo!

  4. Wow....how much beautiful stuff that arrived in your mailbox. What happiness! The painting is very special too, isn't it just so exciting to swap.

  5. Heather you lucky duck! Such special items you received! They are all so beautiful! I love doing art swaps! Actually, I have did a few this year already. I would love to do one with you, but maybe at the end of the summer? LOL! I am very busy gardening. Let me know ;o)

  6. *__* Woh that is so cool! I have only done online art trades but never mailing art trades. This makes me really want to try it!

  7. oh my sweet dear, I am so behind on your blog. But I am here now and catching up! I hope you are loving your new job! and yes, Cameron is awesome and I got my painting from her this month too, but I suck and haven't done hers! She sends all sorts of fun stuff!

    I love what she made for you here!