Sunday, October 16, 2011

Silent Sundays: An Apology, An Award and A Few of my Favorite Things!

For this not so Silent Sunday.  I firstly, must apologize.  I was given an award, twice, by two lovely bloggers about a month or so ago and I totally forgot about it.  I am so sorry.  I meant to post it and got busy and whoosh....out of sight, out of mind.  

I want to say thank you to:  Unikorna of Why I Wake Up Everyday and 
Botanist of Views From the Bald Patch.  They both bestowed upon me this 
unique award.   Please pop by and greet them and their interesting and unique blogs.   The rules of this award are:  I must post my most interesting and successful posts in a number of specific categories.  Hmmm....

The most beautiful post:
My Three Sons, because after all, my children are definitely the most beautiful thing I've ever created...this is difficult.
The most popular post:
Well, if I am going by the post that has had the most comments than it would be Peaches and Orange 
The most controversial post:
I don't believe any of my posts are controversial.  It's not that type of blog.  Sorry!
The most helpful post:
Recycled Art For The Soul I don't know how helpful it was, but it was a basic demonstration of how to recycle an old bit of art.
The most surprisingly successful post:
Punk, I Mean Pink  I was truly surprised by how many people liked it.  I wasn't expecting that, at all. 
The most underrated post: Lines in Ink  This was only my second post and nobody really new I existed yet, in the blogworld, that is.  My two besties commented.  :)
Finally, the most pride-worthy post: Rural Murals This was my very first post and this has been one of my favorite projects.  Doing a mural for the children's Library, one of my favorite places.

Now to pass this on to some more deserving bloggers.  Just a quick note, if you don't get around to posting this award, my feelings won't be hurt.  I do know that it takes extra time to do these.  :)

Nate I promise, he will crack you up.  Go visit him, for giggles. 
Tara  Her blog always makes me smile.  She is like the cheerleader for the blog world, always full of cheer to spread around.
Kristin  Full of sunshine and sweetness, her art and heart are filled with joy to bless others with.
Julie  A wealth of information, presented in an unusual way, that will make you laugh so hard, you pee your pants. 
Thanks again for the awards and I hope you all enjoy these awesome blogs.
* * * * * * * * * *
Now on to my Silent Sunday: A Few of My Favorite Things.
I am sharing our all time favorite Halloween movies. We watch them every year. Sublime!!
 An all time favorite.  This takes me back to my childhood.  

 The Halloween Tree, movie and book by Ray Bradbury. them.
 How can you not love a movie with Cary Grant, "Boris Karloff" (Raymond Massey is mistaken for Boris throughout the movie) and Peter Lorre?  Classic!
 Dracula, Dead and Loving It.  So stupid and yet, so funny.
 Practical Magic...practically magical.  Love this movie.
 Awesomely creepy.  The Other's....great movie.  (This is of course, the other great Nicole Kidman flick)  hehe.
Curse of the WereRabbit....funny, clever, adorable....Love!! 
Something Wicked This Way Comes, another Ray Bradbury.  Wonderful.

And lastly, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The Disney version is fantastic and fun to sing along with and Sleepy Hollow, the Johnny Depp filled one.  
Hope you enjoyed visiting today, have a Hauntingly Happy Day! 


  1. You just made me tear up! HOW kind of you to think of me - and to say such sweet things! I am very honored, thank you! AND I will totally check out your other links - they sound great and I don't think I've heard of them ;) xoxoxo

  2. Oh! And I meant to say that I loved your other posts - especially the pen and ink and school mural - really very cool!! xo

  3. OH!!! Thank you so very much for the bloggy love--I am really honored and touched to have you pick me out for this award, it's a really clever one! I'll have to peruse my archives to see what's worthy or re-mentioning. I hope you have a fabulous Sunday. And I loved Practical Magic, too.

  4. yay! thanks, heather!
    and i love all those movies, esp the animated ones!
    halloween is so fun (w/o the gory horror, for me)

  5. “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”