Monday, October 31, 2011

Falling In Love With Art: Part 5, Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear friends.   
In the spirit of this Halloween day, here are some fun pictures for you to enjoy.
Edvard Munch

Arthur Rackham


Hayao Miyazaki

Joseph Mugnaini

Matthew Kirscht

Norman Rockwell

Rado Javor

Will Moses

Tim Burton

My kids, pumpkin carving artists.

"The wind came by. It rocked all the dark smoking pumpkins on the vast and beautiful Halloween Tree.
The wind seized a thousand dark leaves and blew them away up over the sky and down over the earth toward the sun that must surely rise.
Like the town, the Tree turned off its embered smiles and slept.
At two in the morning, the wind came back for more leaves."
The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury
Happy Haunting! 


  1. Love the pictures! Thank you for posting them. The first one is actually in my house now. My youngest son Jake brought it home a couple days ago so it was really cool to see the Edvard Munch as the first one up!!!! I'm so glad Autumn has actually arrived. Time to unwind and create!

  2. Excellent post!! Love the pictures and love the writing! Take Care!

  3. I forgot to say, the picture of your kids carving is adorable! Wow, a lot of pumpkins! Do you toast the seeds in the oven?

  4. What a fabulous collection of spoooky art!! & yay Kiki's Delivery Service...Love her :)


  5. Hope you had a happy happy halloween! These pics and paintings are great, really get in the mood of the season. Hope you're doing well too!~