Monday, October 10, 2011

Falling In Love With Art: Part 2

This week I am featuring a fellow blog artist, whose whimsical folk art style is original, creative and makes you want to go back in time and relive the classics. I truly adore her art work and I'm pretty certain, you will too.  
Heather's blog AudreyEclectic is one that features her art work, her love of everything Laura Ingalls Wilder, as well as Tasha Tudor, and her love of classic stories.  

Her love of art began at a young age, it seems she drew on a lot of perfectly good things.  She spent much of her time with her mother, who had a love for crafts, and was able to experience painting on wood and other crafty things.   She  took art courses in school, and in college she fell in love with several historical artists like Klimt, Van Gogh, and her favorite and most obscure-- Paula Modersohn-Becker, a German Expressionist.

Even at a young age, she was always enamored with drawing/painting the human face and figure.  As you can see, she is very, very fantastic at it.  

She is very diverse in her artistic abilities, painting, drawing, these beautiful cups and plates, she hand makes fabric roses, as well as other beautiful items.  She also has an Etsy shop, where you can buy her lovely art.

She absolutely loves the folk art heritage of our country. She finds it so unique, fascinating and rebellious.  She says, "early artists really did their own thing and defied convention and came up with some really amazing and unique artwork. I think American folk art is currently my biggest influence, although out of stubborness I seem to still retain a bit of my own quirky style within the folk art realm. I'm just trying new things and following my own little larks, basically. And so far, so good!"  

As you can see, she creates beautiful pictures that tell their own wonderful stories.
Another artistic, storyteller and all around inspiration in her life, is Tasha Tudor, who is the other artist I am highlighting this week.  
Thank you to Heather, for allowing me to feature you this week. 

Tasha Tudor:   She was born in Massachusetts, in August 1915 and died in Vermont, in June 2008.
Tasha illustrated nearly one hundred books in her lifetime, the last one was released in 2003, Corgiville Christmas.  Two of her favorite things.  Corgi's and Christmas.  

My first introduction to Tasha and her lovely art and storytelling, was this book, A Time To Keep.  I must've read it a zillion times.  In this book, she goes through all the months of year, telling you how each was celebrated together with family and friends.  She made her life enchanting with things like The Sparrow Post Office, Marionette shows, and Doll fairs where they use buttons for money.  She had a beautiful imagination and outlook on life, that she shared with the world through her books, drawings and the simple, yet lovely way that she lived.

Her art was so full of expression.

She was truly multi-talented and gave the world her very best in everything she did.

Thanks for popping by, have a lovely Fall week.  


  1. thanks for sharing-I'll check out Audrey Eclectic. Have a great week

  2. I love Heather's art! Beautiful! I love folk art too! I really feel people should create what is in their heart, not worry about if the color is inside the line ;o) Tasha Tudor was an amazing woman and an amazing artist! Have a great day!

  3. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for this lovely feature :) I just got home from being out of town for a few days, and what a lovely post to come home to! I am such an ardent admirer of Tasha Tudor as well. What an amazing and original lady!

  4. These are becoming my favorite posts! I LOVE what you have here - and I agree with your selection entirely! Thank you for the features - I will check out Heather's blog now, xoxo

  5. Hi Heather! You look like the cute red headed girl in all of those pictures. Thanks for the fuzzy warm feeling of Autumn. Have a great day! :)

  6. Nice artwork. Audrey's work reminds me of some of the artwork my artist daughter Ada does. She's been providing me some with some illustrations for a new blog I'm doing. You can read about it on a guest post with is linked on my latest main blog post. Check it out.

    Tossing It Out

  7. I paid Heather a visit at Audrey Eclectic, what beautifully whimsical work! I agree, she is fantastic at giving each character their own unique quality, she bring them to life.
    I have to spend some more time there, I need the inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  8. beautiful work! Beautiful artist!