Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Where I've Been!

I've missed two Silent Sundays and a week of Color.  My apologies for vanishing without a trace.  My trip happened quite suddenly and went a bit longer than I'd planned.  I had only my android, which seems to consistently die, so little internet time. I spent 74 hours in a vehicle over the past 10 days, first it was 30 straight hours, then 24 hours, then 20 hours.  Not really my idea of a good time, but in between the butt numbing hours, I did do some adventurous things and spent time with some truly awesome people.  Family I haven't seen in quite some time and people I've only just met.  Life is good!
A quick slide show of my trip, because I know you are ever so anxious to see what I've been up to.  :)  Thanks for humoring me!
On the way to where we are moving.  Gorgeous!

Best part of the trip, time with my hubby!

My new pal, Bruiser.

The adventure, I have a fear of driving on roads with edges that drop off, I road in the back of the truck all the way up this mountain.  Facing my fears!  :l

A view down the mountain, beautiful and very high!

Riding horses, I love horses and haven't been on one in over 20 years, it was an experience and I was very sore the next few days.  Loved every minute of it.  

Me and my twisted sister, I always enjoy her company, haven't seen her in a year.

The last picture I took on this trip.  I wasn't fast enough to capture the Elk .

Have a tremendously groovy week, despite the intense heat!  


  1. I didn't ever realize how short Michelle was until we saw her in September... I like being even just a few inches taller than roughly three people on earth. It makes me feel tall. :D

  2. Beautiful pictures. You look so happy! Nice to hear you had such a good time.

  3. Moving? That must be exciting! I've llived in the same house for 27 years. The pics are great. Missed your work.

  4. That looks like my part of the country. Beautiful. Love the mountains, but I don't like those high dirt roads without railings either.

  5. Great pics! Thanks for sharing these. It looks like you had a fantastic time!

    Sending my best for you, your husband, and Zade. Looks like you are heading to a heavenly destination!

  6. Ewww, I don't like those scary dirt roads either...way to go on facing your fears! Definitely looks like the time out of the car were fantastic!! :) Thank you for sharing. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. bla bla! you deserve to escape and what a great time it looks like you had!

    (super silent sundays, no post! - a new concept! ha ha)

  8. Great pics! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Heather - I've missed your art! You look like you've been having a wonderful time! The countryside is awesome. I love me a good adventure so I go up those roads whenever I can - ha! And we've got a lot of them here in Oregon.
    Hugs, Jessi xox

  10. Zade, yep, she is only a few inches taller than me. Trust me, I know what it's like to be excited about someone being shorter than me. I'm not sure many exist.

    Robin, thank you! It was a good time and very adventurous. I experienced things I never thought I'd be able to endure, but I survived. haha! Mostly driving experiences.

    Jean, wow! I can't imagine being in the same place for 27 years. 12 years has seemed like an eternity. But after this move, I don't know that I'll want to move again any time soon. It's a lot of work. :)

    L.G. we were in Wyoming. There are some really beautiful places up there. And those high roads are scary, I am not fond of them.

    Bryce, thank you! I wish the same for you and your big move. To Big Texas. We are all very excited for the move. :) It's much cooler there, it will be a relief.

    Jen, thanks! It was a bit scary, but I figured with my back to the edge, I wouldn't be as nervous. It worked for the most part.

    Tara, good idea, super silent Sundays. No posts, that would be easy to manage.

    Thanks Rebecca for popping by. :)

    Thank you Jessi, I am planning to work on some art for the Summer of Color. I have some ideas in mind. Hope to post something soon. I look forward to being up there in Oregon too. It's so gorgeous and the weather is wonderful. I'm so excited.

  11. Oh--this is my kind of getaway--except for the dirt road up the mountain--I did it once--and I'll never do it again...but I'll take everything else!!

  12. Looks like fun to me. If you want pics of elk we have 19 resident elk who think my gardens are a cool place to snack.LOL Have missed you at SOC.

  13. Diane, I did enjoy the trip, except for the excessive driving, it was a bit much, if it had been spread out, it wouldn't have been so bad. The weather was great though, the adventures fun and I met some wonderful people.

    Thanks Sharon. I would love to see your pics of Elk. It was awesome to see them, I just couldn't get my phone to move quick enough. How cool to have them snacking in your garden. It's always nice to share.

  14. oh my goodness, I have the same fear of falling of the side of the road! ahhh. Looks like you are having a good time, despite the butt numbing car rides! Are you on your way to Oregon? If so, where in OR are you moving?

  15. Those were beautiful pictures. Nothing like an inpromtu trip to inspire you. You and your sister are lovely. Yup, the best part is always spending time with hubby. :)

  16. Sounds like quite a trip. I love road trips, but 30 hours at a stretch sounds a bit much to me.

    Tossing It Out

  17. Daniele, I think I have too much of an active imagination for that kind of danger, it definitely scares me, when I imagine what could happen. Yikes. I did leave a message/comment on your blog, about the move. :)

    Laila, thanks! My sister is just 11 months older than me, we've always been close and I've always thought she was gorgeous. We are like day and night, but we go well together. :) And I agree, love being with my hubby.

    Lee, I don't recommend it. 30 hours at once, is much too much! The trip itself was fun and unexpected though. I enjoyed it and needed it! Good to hear from you! :)

  18. oh well then darling, we are most destined to meet. My grandmother lives in Salem and I visit about once a year! (I live in CO) ...how very giddy this makes me! Here is my email if you want to chat without comment leaving... valoisdaniele@me.com

  19. wow beautiful images, either you live in paradise or you are a super photographer :)>