Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silent Sundays!

Mustache on a stick, these were for our Mustaches and Zombies party.

An addition to my commissioned pieces.

One of my very best friends, she is holding  Gandolph!

A recent book purchase.  Most excellent!!

You're never to old to wear your blanket as a cape, all day!


  1. I love carousels :)) And we have a local moustache/beard competition locally every year, wish I had pictures! Some really astounding facial hair.
    Love the cape!

  2. Love the carousel. The trees are my favorite part.

  3. Love the last picture with the comment. Cute!

  4. What a strange coincidence, I was just reading the book I MAKE HORSE CALLS, by Dr. Thibeault, and she was stating one of her favorite things to do was search out carousels across the country and ride them. You know, like one of those people that has to find all of the cover bridges and cross through them. I guess folks do this as a hobby. At any rate, weird how timely this pic of yours is with my reading.

  5. Did you guys ever get over to the Galleria in St. Louis? I remember there being a shop dedicated to gnomes and all things Tolkien. Bet you would enjoy it.

    That party looks like a RIOT! Darn it, my wife and I probably drove right by your place this weekend. Ha!

  6. I am just fascinated at all of the crazy party games that come to my mind when I think of mustaches and zombies.

  7. Bryce, I can honestly say I've been to the Galleria in Stl, although I don't recall the shop. Then again it has been over a decade since I've lived in that city. Ahh, the good old days... lol

  8. awesome pics!
    mustaches, carousels and gnomes! oh, my!
    (i got "how to survive a garden gnome attack" with an autograph at a workshop, woo hoo!)

  9. Haha, Lisa...I love carousels too. We have one at the park, which this picture is inspired by, it costs .5 cents to ride and I love riding it. I feel free and like a child again. I think I have a smile plastered on my face while riding it.

    Thank you Rebecca, trees are my favorite to paint. I like to make them whimsical.

    Thanks Shelly, my boys are pretty awesome. He literally wore that around all day that day.

    Hi Mike, I love coincidences like that. They always make me stop and wonder... That sounds like a pretty cool book, I'm curious what made you pick that up. I am that way with parks and zoo's, I have to check out all of them, everywhere I go.

    Bryce, no I never heard of it. But darn it, we would've definitely loved that place, it sounds amazing. I'd hoped to make it back to St. Louis before we left, but it just never came about. I do love the zoo there, it's fantastic, one of the best. And I bet you did, we live fairly close to the highway you'd have been on. Well darn, I guess we'll just stay invisible bloggy buddies. Ha!! :)

    Julie, I would love to hear about the ideas that come to mind. We are always up for crazy parties.

    Tara, thanks! That sounds like a fabulous book, I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for that one.

  10. You said you were curious, so here goes the short version. We met the author up in Kentucky at a horse event, Breyerfest if you happen to know what that is. Anyways, she was a splendid lady and I talked to her for a short bit as writer to writer and then bought her book. She was nice enough to autograph it for my little girl. Which is real cool since my daughter wants to become a horse vet when she grows up. The entire trip home we took turns reading the story out loud so that we could all enjoy the book.