Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Good Visit So Far!

Dearest Blog Friends, 
I'm sorry I have been so absent, but I am enjoying the time with my daughter and her hub.  We have been taking day trips and exploring the countryside.  It has been beautiful, refreshing and all around, enjoyable.  And of course....I have LOTS of photos.  I will share some with you now...but first, how are you?  How has your week been?  What new adventures have you encountered?  
I wish you all peace, blessings and joy!  :)

Reminder:  LOTS of pictures!  This is only a tiny bit...and in no particular order.

my son, Zarian.  

natural hearts are cool.

yes...they did!  

driving up the mountain

I love the light reflections on the water

have I ever mentioned I'm afraid of heights?  YIKES!!  

at the overlook.

the walk to the lighthouse.

the top of the lighthouse.

a lake we passed by.  not sure if this was a pier or trees.

Frisbee Golf on a sunny day


a walking day at the park

strike a pose.

just outside the tunnel through the mountain

colton & zara being cute/goofy.  we ate at an awesome little seaside cafe.  YUM!

me & my hub, at the ocean...yippee!

A cool tunnel under the mountain, to more ocean, very cool.  We encountered no cave trolls, always good.
Especially because I forgot my crossbow.

this place was beautiful.  enjoying the view from a higher spot.

Thanks for popping by!  :)


  1. Looks like all my favorite things, too! I can't believe I didn't know til now that your kids' names start with Z's....haha! Shows you how observant I am :)

    So glad you have been enjoying yourself! Love the photos!

  2. Which coast is that? It's beautiful. The pics remind me a lot of the scenery around BC, so maybe I'm biased :D

  3. What fun pictures!! Wow! Thanks for sharing them! Such beautiful landscapes and of course, I loved the family pictures! Each of them brought a smile to my face! So happy you are having a great time! I have been painting ;o) Today, I did some yard clean up because it was so nice outside ;o) Next weekend, mom and I are going away for a few days, should be fun ;o) Take Care ;o)

  4. i take adventures vicariously thru your pics. i think i have family envy!
    thanks for postin them!

  5. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! You are exactly where you should be - and what with that natural heart and the adorable picture of you and the hubs - is see a lotta love in these shots! Thank you for sharing and for your sweet visit, xoxo

  6. These pictures make my heart sooooooo freaking happy!

    HAPPY!!!! I love you!!!!

    and... I am off to email you something!!! K!