Monday, March 26, 2012

Under The Sea

Maybe it's because we've been to the ocean recently or maybe because I am trying to stretch myself and try new things.  These are recent pictures that I've drawn.  I started them awhile back and finally finished them.  
Working on some new projects now, will post them when I finish. 
Hope your week is and will be spectacular.  
Any new projects you are working on??

Have a lovely day!  Watch out for octopus.


  1. so awesome!

    here's a commission (suggestion, i mean)
    how about a series of emotions, your interpretation of sad, angry, surprised, guilty, ecstatic!

    i'd love to see what you could do....if you needed any ideas...

  2. Nice choice of colors. Fish is outstanding.

  3. These are fantastic Heather!! I love your mind! Very creative and magical ;o) I am still doing my 13 Goddesses ;o) Take Care ;o)

  4. It's so funny! Instead of me seeing your girl with an octopus on her head....and saying, how bizarre!...I nod my head in agreement and say, you've had this thought, too?!

    Here's mine!

    Gosh, eerie how our minds think alike....heehee!

  5. You amaze me dear! Amaze! Such a natural talent you have. And I am so eager to see what recycled art you're making!!! You make me giddy!

    And... I just may see you in October. Trying trying.

  6. Reminds me of the time I was snorkeling and a friendly little black and yellow Sergeant Major swam right beside my face mask for about 15 minutes. I suppose he thought I might eat something and he'd get the chance :-)

  7. WOWOWOWOW!!! These are amaZING! I absolutely love all the details here - the scales, the bubbles, the hair! Wow, really beautiful my friend.
    Thank you too for your sweet comment - you made my day!
    Happy weekend, xoxoxo

  8. Ooooh, gorgeous mermies!!! Your octopus is amazing! Very otherworldly and original. Love the colors you used for these girlies too.
    Oh Heather, I wouldn't be able to live in tornado country at all! They scare me worse than anything. Give me a good ol' earthquake any day of the week, lol! The real problem I have here is the darkness day in and day out and the pain I have is so bad this time of year. I'm a California girl and my bones crave the sun! It's a treat just to be able to see the moon or stars. I am going to CA to see my doctors next week - I'm praying for sunshine!!!
    Jessi :)