Sunday, March 27, 2011


I love the name Dogwood.  I guess because dog and wood are both related to bark.  Strange.
I'm adding a photo from my nature journal.  2008.  Yep, it's a few years old.
As I made my way into town and through town, I noticed that all of the Dogwood trees are blooming. They are fabulous, like cotton filled trees, puffy, white, beautiful.  In some areas there is a contrast of redbuds and magnolias.  It's pretty fantastic.  It reminded me that I'd written about them in my nature journal awhile back.  So, I thought I'd share it with you.  Enjoy!
Hope you're having a very lovely and smile filled weekend.


  1. I love dogwoods.They don't love me (allergies). The idea of keeping a nature journal is super!

  2. I prefer the redbuds, but spring is a glorious time.

  3. Dogwoods are beautiful, actually I just love trees of all kinds. Most the pictures I take are of trees and many of the drawings I do are of trees. I can't help it, they're just amazing!
    Li, I started a nature journal after attempting several times to keep a regular journal. I found that I couldn't always think of what to write, so I started drawing things I saw, experienced or loved, whenever I felt inspired and I would add poetry or sayings/quotes or just what I was feeling or thinking that day. That has worked much better for me, I really enjoy looking back through it too.

  4. A nature journal is a great idea! What a way to keep account of the beauty of life around us.

    I love dogwoods too. Where I live there is a saying that once it snows on the dogwoods, winter is over. Something like that. Its been raining and snowing this past week, on our local dogwoods, and today the sun is out and springtime weather is finally coming, yeah! So there may be something to snow on the dogwoods. It's definitely pretty.