Saturday, July 20, 2013


This week has been fantastic.  Sorry, I haven't posted my SOC pic yet, but I will get to it in the morningish, I hope!
So, I thought I'd share some photos and a video!

My daughter and her hub and band Colton and Zara, just finished a new video.  The song is not theirs, but it's really cool and the video turned out great!  (thanks Austin)

My hub and I had a 3 day was spectacular and much needed.  Here are some pics.  We were all over the place and had a very relaxing, fun and goofy time.  :)

you know I love trees.

such a cool place.  Have you read the book Wildwood?  It's fantastic, there is a second one too, I highly recommend both of them.  :)

a cool statue at the park, his hat fit my hub perfectly.  isn't he a stud muffin?

happy to be out of traffic. :D

how cool to stay in this room...

hotels with slides....very cool!

feels like Fall...hooray!!

gorgeous art work.

long spooky hallways.

more fantastic art.  love this picture.

the firewood cage was of course dancing in it seemed like a good plan.

the city beyond the thistle.

Well, that is all for today.
  Have a dreamy day!


  1. Cool video, and the song is a fun and happy sound, very well done.

    Love the idea of a getaway date. Kids are still too young to leave behind though, so we've just had a long family weekend instead.

  2. I want to go to a hotel with slides!! You and your hubby are so cute!! You are perfect for each other! I always have the biggest smile on my face, after I see you both ;o) Love the video ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. I always love your photos! The video turned out great, too!
    The light through those trees just makes me swoon :)

    I hate that we only see eachother 1 day a year :(
    Take care, Sweetheart!

  4. How cool that you and your hubby got THREE days for a long date! How fun and the pictures are terrific. Thanks for sharing the fun-filled beauty and art. Hugs, Robin