Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In Between

As you know...or maybe not, I have been doing the Summer of Color, but at the moment I am in between finished SOC projects, so I had these lying on my desk, waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  So, I figured why not put them on my blog.

This past year I did a series of these "I Dream" pics.  I have a few of them, my most popular one being, Sometimes I Dream of Coffee.
I shrunk them down and printed them out, then decided to play with some collage and drawing techniques and voila, I created these.  I am planning to make a few more, when I can...

I put them on a solid cardboard type backing then added some decorative corners.  I am thinking I may mount them on something a bit bigger and more solid, to sort of frame them.  I really want to 
put them in a coffee shop, but have yet to do so.  :/
Also...I need to redo the words on this one...not happy with them.

some up close detail shots.

my octopus phase.

the original piece...

another one, that I plan to collage.

And a random side note...

I bought these adorable lights last Christmas and recently decided they were wasting away in my attic, waiting for Christmas, so I put them around our outdoor patio...they twinkle.  I hope to buy more this year.  :)  

just because...

Have a stupendously groovy week!!


  1. Your art rocks! You are so creative Heather! Totally breath taking! I truly mean that! Your lights are beautiful! I want some ;o) I love that we're weird too ;o) Have a great one ;o) Hugs ;o)