Monday, May 13, 2013

Goodies and A Squirrel.

I have made some truly fantastic blog friends over these past two years.  One lovely thing about the blog world, is the friendships you create that last even when you're not so great at blogging consistently.  ;)  Another added wonderful thing is, trades/goodies in the mail.  I have traded art with some of my blog friends, I have won gorgeous little goodies and I have randomly and lovingly received  gifts...just because.  This week I was blessed to receive two goodies in the mail.

The first came from the bright and sunny, Kristen at Twinkle, Twinkle.   Her art is so full of sunshine, love, joy and wonder.  In this gorgeous picture, she added me, Danielle and herself.  We all got to meet each other last fall, which was a very fun and cherished time.  :)  Thank you so much, Kristen.  I am excited to hang this up where I can see it everyday!
P.S.  If you don't know Kristen, you should definitely pop over and check out her blog, she does this wonderful Color of Summer Blogfest, which will be happening in just 3 weeks.  Anyone can join and join you should.  It's wonderful.  :)

On the picture, she wrote... I Love Us.  We are talented, generous and real.  And our art - that intangible bit of fabulousness we create - allows us to blanket the world with joy.  Yay, Us. 

A couple of days later.....
I received this glorious bag that my other good bloggy friend made for me.  Am I spoiled or what?
Robin over at Rasz Art  makes these beautiful bags, as well as many other wonderful art pieces.  I love these bags...she hand paints them, and she makes/paints the fabric for the art that she puts on the bags, such as, dragonflies, roses, flowers, crosses, grapes, vines...etc.  They are fantastic, you should definitely visit her blog and look through her posts.  She has created many beautiful totes.  She also has draws and paints and takes pictures.  She is multi-talented.  And...she is a wonderful person that I have been very blessed to get to know.  Thank you so much Robin.  :)  
I'm using this tote to carry around my books/sketching tools and other little projects that I like to take with me.  Yay!!

I managed to capture this cute little guy the other day.  
Just thought I'd share!
Have a bright and happy week!



  1. What great gifts! I especially like the bag, how wonderful to put your projects into it and carry on..........
    I'll probably have to check out that blog.

  2. Hi Heather!
    Blog Friends really are great friends :)

    Kristin's art is so whimsical and beautiful....this piece is so special! I love that I could tell you are the red-haired princess and Danielle the pink-haired one....hee!

    That is such a pretty tote bag, too! It looks so artsy....perfect for your sketching supplies!
    We'll be leaving for our vacation again soon. If we are able to meet up again, we should do something arty while we catch up! Like sketch the same tree, or sit and paint?

    That squirrel is a cutie!
    Hugs to you :)

  3. Loving your gorgeous gifts. Hugs Annette x

  4. Hi little squirrel! He's SO cute! AND thank you for your sweet words and SOC mention - LOVED meeting you and hope to cross paths again one day :)
    And Violet! Perfect - so you, yessssss! xoxoxo

  5. That's a GREAT pic of Mr. Squirrel! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day - haven't been around the blogosphere much, but the good news is I'm gonna be a Grandma any day now! :-)

  6. You definitely deserve goodies and gifts for the beautiful friend, blogger and woman that you are!!! The painting is so cute. I LOVE it!!!! And great pic of the squirrel. Don't they look so cute? Great photo! Big hugs girl! You are awesome.

  7. Hey Girl ;o) So happy to see you o) Lots of treasures you got in the mail ;o) Very special! I got a tote from Robin too! I love it so much! I love the picture of the squirrel! Big Hugs ;o)

  8. Ooooo...what a lucky woman you are to be so richly spoiled by your bloggie friends. The drawing from Kristin is super cute and the tote is just gorgeous. I know, right?! This is what I've come to love about the blogging world, I've never met a more creative and nice people in my life. Even though my own posts can be infreaquent, I am happy to know people like you and others and we are all here to support eachother. Hope you have a wonderful week!