Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tea, Aliens, Octopi and Other Things

A poppy in my yard, where I thought I planted Zinnias.  
Not sure what happened, but it's very pretty!  

 I live in a household of guys whom I love, but occasionally I need to embrace my feminine side, to counteract the testosterone.  :)
A whimsical tea party with girlfriends is a much needed thing, every so often.
Therapy for the soul.

I found some really great/easy/yummy cookie recipes.

After the tea party, my son and I went to an awesome Alien Fest.

Some of the aliens from the parade.

a little UFO.

this was quite fantastic.

love this.

a very groovy couple indeed.


very groovy indeed.

And now for the Octopi....
Lately I have had fun with drawing octopusses??
As you may recall, I have used them in other drawings in the past year.
Here are a few recent drawings from my sketchbook...

Octopus in waves.

I may try to do this on a larger scale and with richer colors.

I drew this awhile back, but decided to add more details.

Recently, I had an opportunity to do a mural at an elementary school.  It was a really
 great experience and I had some awesome people help me.  

This is what I've been up to artwise.  I also had some help moving my art space and it's so nice to have more space and organization.  Yay!!!
Hope you are having a wonderful week.


  1. Ooooh!!! WOW - that mural is HUGE - and SO cool! I love the black and white! AND your pieces are so detailed! That background is amazing (Lady with blue hair) and the octopus is a new favorite.
    AND that tea! WOW - so feminine and so pretty. Hope you had fun.
    YAY for SOC - SO happy that you'll be playing along when you can,

  2. Hey Young Lady ;o) You went from a tea party to an Alien Fest? LOL! That's a fun day ;o) Those cookies look so yummy and I love the pictures from the Alien Fest! Very wicked! Your poppy is beautiful! Maybe a squirrel planted it? ;o) Your drawings are amazing! And, your mural is fantastic! Have a great weekend ;o)

  3. Wow! An alien parade, what a fantastic idea! Wonderful creative costumes too.

  4. I remember Li looking for red poppies, we have the orange ones here. the tea party looked like so much fun and yummies! And I love the alien fest. I want the cute little friendly looking guy on the cart :)

    Girl your drawings are incredible. Every time I see a new one I think it can't get any better and then you go again and create something so beautiful and awesome and amazing. The octopusses (spellcheck didn't like my spelling) and the theme is so cool. Your drawings need to be hanging somewhere for everyone to see...and buy! Big Hugs Heather! Can't wait to hear how the rest of the weekend is going.

  5. Love the alien Mona Lisa :-) The red poppies! Ah yes, I was looking to illustrate a WW1 story. I settled on one of the artificial poppies made and sold over in the UK. We have orangey ones here as well, they often grow wild along rural roads. Very cool that you got to do the school mural!

  6. What a delicious looking tea party! Would definatly help any woman's soul for sure. ^_^

    Wow, an Alien cool is that?! It's was amazing to see what kind of costumes people came up with for it. I think we need something like that here in Canada. I couldn't help smiling at the Alien Mona Lisa. *laughs*

    What a beautiful poppy, looks like you have a rouge flower in with your garden. I love poppies, they always look like they are made out of crepe paper.

    As always, I adore your drawings....especially these Octopi ones. Such a great touch of detail and elegance. Oh that's so awesome you got to do a mural for a school! Congrats! It looks wonderful and I bet the kids there love it as well. Have a lovely weekend. <3

  7. I know I've already commented however I have to tell you that I keep coming back to look at your drawings and your mural! Have you thought of teaching drawing classes or starting a group? the second drawing is so dreamy...calm...and reminds me of the ocean and the waves. I just keep coming back to look at them and to visit you of course! Thanks for the great advise you left for me. I am going to do much more pics and less typing. Tried it today and it worked. Big hugs :)