Monday, June 25, 2012

A bit of crazy!

Well, I did it.  I survived working, having a house full of 11 people, being the hostess...but not with the mostest and tour guide.  It was all quite grand and I had a wonderful time seeing friends and running around with them.   I also got A LOT of pictures.
Mount St. Helens

On a side note, I am sitting at my art desk, which has very little workspace, because it has tons of stuff all over it, but I am ready to paint, draw, create.  I have no place I have to be today....yippeee!!!  Also, I quite happily sent off my May trade today, I am certain she will faint when it shows up on her doorstep.  Sorry for the tragic delay, it has truly been ultra crazy here....
OH younger son wiped out on his skateboard yesterday....what the poop??  He's okay, lots of scrapes though.  BAH!!!

And now for some photo sharing!
Good day my dear friends!!  :)

a new painting...not sure where I'm going with it or if I even like it.

paints that I found in my stuff...I think they're several years old...I may give them a try and see if they'll still work...hmmm...

sitting at my desk and happy to be here.

me and my bestie...yay, she will be living close to me again...

my son...always climbing things.

a portion of us and our visitors, out for a hike.

my oldest son, enjoying a moment of peace.

My hub, me and my "brother from another mother"

ferns and light.

the waters edge.

maple and water

Mount St. Helen's covered in clouds.


the city lights.


  1. Sounds like you've been a busy bee. Beautiful photos too. I hope you'll enjoy your day "off"
    Take care!

  2. Some really great pics, the one of your son with the dappled shade/light is extraordinary. Glad you sound happy and refreshed! (Good luck with the paints. I found some similarly ancient tubes, but had to pitch them.)

  3. OMG by boyfreind and I were just racking our brains the other day trying to remember the name of the painting guy on PBS - I glance to your sidebat and there it is - Bob Ross! THANKS!

  4. Sounds like busy but wonderful times Heather... love all your photos... and love the beginnings of your beautiful painting...

    Jenny x

  5. Sounds like you've had a staycation. I desperately need one of those. Enjoyed your pics as always.

  6. love coming here and escaping reality with your pics! thanks!

  7. Great to hear from you! Loving the new piece of art and loving all the pictures! You busy girl! It looks like you had a lot of fun ;o)

  8. oh, I just cannot wait to meet you! I adore you and love you and and so grateful for you!

    I am so glad you're painting. It is so hard to sqeeze it all in! I think for our trade, we should shoot for trading when we meet in October! What do you think?