Friday, July 6, 2012

Bloggy friends and life.

This week, I got to meet up with fellow blogger Cameron from paint myself pretty.  They were traveling through and we were able to meet up.  She is every bit as lovely in person, as she is in blog land.  It was great to meet her and Maggie, her very delightful, talented and enthusiastic daughter.
Cameron and I

Cameron and her daughter Maggie.  
Maggie entertained us with song and dance, which was quite delightful.  
I'm so glad I got to meet them both and hope we can meet again in the future.

new art bits.
I painted this, inspired by the "mint chocolate chip" flavor from Twinkle, Twinkle's
Summer of Color, which I (sadly) am not participating in, because of time lack.  But I thought I'd give it a go and that's as far as it went.  BAH!! 

another work in progress.  I start drawing and just let the picture take shape, this is one of those.

not finished yet, but still working towards something.

I've progressed, but not much!  Not really sure where I'm going with it yet. 

Today, my son decided it was a good day to dress like a pirate.  We went downtown and meandered, then came home and he went longboarding.

Another work in progress, a series of pics I'm working on, this is just a smidge of the pic.

These little goodies, are delightful handmade gifts from Cameron and Maggie.  Aren't they super sweet.  I love bunnies and pumpkins!!!  They make me happy!!

another merry maker, the lovely blooms out my door.

I do love books.  and Ray Bradbury.
My other son, jamming out on the drums.  I love watching him play. 

Well dearies, have an adventure filled day.  Hope you find pirate gold today!


  1. Nice pics. And its cool when you actually get to meet someone from the blog world.


  2. thanks for the updates. love to see the art take shape!
    great eyes and the gifts are so sweet!

    have a lovely weekend!

  3. Hey Heather ;o) So cool, you got to meet Cameron and her daughter! Love the photos! And, I love the gifts from Cameron and her daughter! Speaking of love, your art is amazing!!! A+++ I truly enjoyed your entire post ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Oh Heather, how exciting to meet Cameron and Maggie! And your drawings are incredible (as always!)Its so nice to be back out visiting in the blogger world and catching up on posts! Your post brightened my day! Big Hugs!

  5. It was a true delight to meet you in person, Heather! I wish we lived closer!
    I appreciate you indulging my Little Singer, too...haha!

    Your art is so beautiful...and they make me want to forget unpacking and cleaning....and just play in my art room all day :)
    What a treasure you are!

  6. I have always thought you two would make a good match. Something about your art seems like you would compliment one another.

    I just ate Pirate Booty. Does that count for some Pirate action today!

    now, let me say, I am freaking in love with this wip! That blue and nude back. So bold. Beautiful! and I want her!!! :P