Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello New Year!!

I love the beginning of things.  A fresh start.  A chance to begin again.  I realize it is just a date and that we don't "have" to begin again, or make resolutions.  But I love it.  I am a list maker, goal setter, by nature.  I've started my list and I plan to revise it a bit tomorrow, adding a few more details, so I stay on track.
In the meantime...I have been painting, taking pictures, playing board games, taking walks...even a bit of running.  GASP!!
Yes, I altered this a bit, well enhanced anyway! 

Bumped up the blue tint on this one.  Fun with apps.

Ahh. more happy trees and happy clouds.

A very pretty Red tailed Hawk.  I got pics of him having lunch, but they're a bit gruesome.

Another drawing, Leaves In Her Hair.  Inspired by Fall, of course!

The cat loves family games too.

A foggy morning out my window....I love fog!!

Sky and trees, always photogenic.

The river is full and pretty.

Happy New Year!!!
What are your goals, dreams, passions for the year??


  1. Wow, it seems you've had a lot of fun with your new camera. And your cat in the box, fun photo.

  2. I'm a dedicated list maker, but they are mundane everyday things lest I forget. I'm not a goal setter, particularly. I find myself learning and trying new things fromnecessity rather than planning...chaos see!

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos!! And I love your positive outlook--yes, I am a list maker too--they're all around me

  4. I like the blue-tinted one :-)) I got to play board games with a friend over the holidays - first time since my son grew up and moved away. I had forgotten what a wonderful way it is to spend an afternoon/evening!

  5. Heather! much eye candy here! The blue tinting makes everything so crisp and cool...the fog is so dreamy....and the forest path just begs to be explored!!

    Your art is fantastic, serene!

    Looks like your kitty didn't heed the "scat" in Scategories...haha! Pets are great for a giggle :)

  6. beautiful, as always! i love stopping by for inspirational settings!

  7. Oh, I love all these pictures and your paintings too, but I have to admit my fav was your cat in the box! I love cats so much ;o) I have one big goal and believe me, "when" I reach it, I will be dancing and screaming for everyone to hear ;o) Happy New Year ;o)

  8. Hi Heather, How pretty! I love that Autumn inspired drawing. She is so beautiful!
    I am also very much into lists making, and although I never get to do everything on them I keep making them! I think it helps you stay focused and accomplish more.
    Good luck with yours!

  9. Love the leaves in her hair portrait. And what is it about cats that make them want to shove their bodies into containers far too small for them? Good luck with your lists--I'm a huge fan of them as well.

  10. I love new beginnings too! and yay for running! ...I love this hair, and the editing, or enhancing on the photos!!!

  11. Adorable cat in a box! :)
    I love that autumn picture. She's stunning!

  12. Scattergories!! I like your cat's taste in games.

    A belated Happy New Year, Heather!
    Here's hoping your 2012 brings a fantastic voyage. May the winds be forever at your back and may your sails be filled with the breaths of your photographic muses!