Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silent Sundays: More Pictures...I Can't Help It.

Sunday is almost over, but it's still here, so I'm doing a quick post of pictures.  
I had the chance to get out this week and take some more naturey photos, I'm having fun figuring out this new camera and playing with all the settings.  
On a side note, I am also working on art projects.  I have a few things that have a deadline and so I'm trying to get them done.  Why, oh why do I procrastinate??  Bah!!  
Happy Sunday and all week to you!  Hope your New Year is going splendidly, so far!
The rising sun.  

The waterfall, same one from a few months ago, lots more water this time.

Figuring out which path we want to take.

This is a glorious knitted hat/beard that I bought on Etsy, for my son.  I love it!!

I love the mossy trees here.  So fuzzy and wonderful.

Mr. Chumly lives in the tree behind our house.

The top of the waterfall.....vertigo anyone?

It's a bit more calm from this view.

Standing on our front porch watching the sunrise...lots of colorful sunrises recently.

Foggy day today!  :)

The boys are boarding down the foggy road.

Another glorious day!!

And lastly, me and my hubba bubba!  


  1. Your mossy trees and the sunrises caught me. Beautiful photos. I read about someone who used the colours of the skies as a colourmap for knitting a scarf. Just one row each day. Look at your photo from your front porch, wouldn't that give some lovely colours to a scarf, and I'm sure I couldn't stop with just one row.
    Good luck with your projects and I'll be back soon on the other issue.

  2. Can't wait to see what you've been working on.....but, my, these photos are gorgeous! I saw those mossy woods, and quickly popped over to your Etsy Store to find out where you live....

    Ah, our Beloved Oregon!!! I though I recognized its beauty! We drive up the coast from so. cal every summer up to Oregon, camping and enjoying our fave spots along the way. We made it all the way up to Cannon Beach last year!

    ...and isn't Tillamook ice cream the best on the planet?!

    That crocheted beard and hat are a hoot....haha! It's great that your son modeled it for you :)

  3. You live in Oregon?--no wonder these photos look like they came from a magic place--love that mossy tree!....and that hat--very cool. :)
    What a wonderful January day!

  4. INCREDIBLE photographs, Heather. You just have the eye and the talent to capture things so beautifully. I especially liked the foggy day pic. Tree, telephone lines, and fog sharing the scene with a masked sun. Says so much!

    Have a GREAT week. Say hi to all.

  5. Heather you have such a talent for photography! I think you might want to consider adding your photos to your NEW Etsy shop!!!! I LOVE them all. You capture the essence and beauty of the environment in such an amazing way! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Heather, great photo's!! I really enjoyed them all! Especially the one of you and your hubba bubba ;o) Have a great one!

  7. Lovely pictures! :) I especially like your squirrel friend. I had an orphaned baby squirrel that I cared for until he was old enough to be released. Maxwell was the coolest guy in town! He would run to me from across the room, scurry up my leg and perch on my shoulder. He'd sit chattering in my ear while I read, did dishes and watched tv. I will never forget that sweet little man! :)

  8. Oh Heather what amazingly beautiful shots! & what fabulous memories you are creating with your family :) & lol, I've seen these beards on etsy, & I've always been tempted to get one for my son!!