Tuesday, November 15, 2011

X-Files and Art

This is what I've been up to recently.  I used to love watching this show and then I saw an episode that thoroughly creeped me out and I quit watching it...that was 14 years ago.  With Netflix and streaming, I am now able to go back and start at the beginning, which is exactly what I've done and quite honestly, I'm hooked.  The good news is, that while I'm watching the show I am inspired to draw, so I am actually achieving something, other than just sitting there like a lump.  I thought I would share a couple of drawings that I've done while watching the show.  At the moment, I am still in search of my groove, my niche', my own style and somehow, watching this show spurs my creativity.  I have a couple of other pictures I am working on, but they're not quite done yet.  I guess I need to watch a few more episodes to get them finished.  :)
Forest in her Hair

Flowers in her Hair

Mixed media, playing around a bit.

Have a truly splendid day!!
And remember....The Truth Is Out There! 


  1. Wow, I wish the X Files inspired me like that! They are fantastic, specially love, Flowers in her Hair, great use of color. As for the X Files, I loved the show too, but I'm terrified of those little grey guys, I can't even look at your last picture without my heart racing. I know, it's crazy,I don't even know where this fear comes from..The truth might be out there, I just don't want to know. LOL

  2. I started watching "Walking Dead", but it became to intense for me. great post about creativity and inspiration.

  3. I love the X Files!! Until the end of the series, I think they mixed it up too much! LOL! Maybe I should watch it again too! ;o) Your art is amazing! "Flowers In Her Hair", I REALLY LOVE!!!! Well done!!!

  4. Well, it looks to me like you've got a style of your own, Heather. I used to doodle like crazy wherever I was - nothing finished like this - but haven't done so for years. Should get back into the habit...

  5. I love it when you mix nature in your work. It's a beautiful style, one I think is truly unique to you.

  6. My wife and I went through every episode of the X files last year on Netflix too. I just wish we would have also done something productive while we were watching them.

  7. I love your faces! Looking for ones own style can be a difficult task. I believe it's there all the time but we as preformers don't spot it ourself. You know, the eyes are the first thing that go blind. :-) Have a wonderful day and keep going!

  8. Hi Heather!
    Got your message, and wanted to say thank-you for your concern. I haven't been posting because it really started to be a drain on my creativity, plus hampered my progress on the novel.
    I might throw something up (word-wise) in the next few weeks. Don't hold me to it, though. the WIP is rockin'.

    Gosh, I just went back through your last few posts. You are, as I have always said, an incredible artist. Lovely work, and keep it up!

    Hope the new digs are working out well? Say hi to the family for me.


  9. Wow--love your new art (especially that 2nd one), and I like to do the same thing with Netflix--I'll get hooked on a particular series too. Keep watching the X files--it's working for you...
    : )

  10. the movie creeped me out!

    i like the forest in her hair best =)

  11. Yes, get to watching more!! These are AWEsome! I love their bright eyes, all the bold color and botanical details - and the hair too - really beautiful work, thank you for sharing!
    (and btw, I've just been getting into that too - watching TV and drawing that is - I never really did that before I had a journal and now I've been doing quite a lot of it - thank you TV!) xoxo

  12. I am flipping out over these girls! So glad you're inspired. The truth really is out there! :D

    ...I always got excited when the smoking man was on!

  13. Oh these are too cool! Just beautiful. I know the feeling of trying to find your niche. I feel I have been there for some time now...maybe it's just continually evolving. Everything you do is awesome and inspiring. X-Files may be inspiring you however you are inspiring me!