Saturday, November 12, 2011

Silent Sundays: Creature Feature

I love rabbits.  They are so cute and sweet.  I had a wonderful bunny named Twidget that I adored.  I used to sit with him on my lap under the giant cedar tree.  He inspired me to draw.

I drew this picture of Twidget and I, in my nature journal, (looking much younger than I do in real life).  :)

Mr. Twidget in the strawberry patch.

Out for a stroll

Peas and Carrots

Little Red

I started drawing this little series of bunnies a few years ago.
My first one is in my Nature Journal and that led to these.  
My son and I and Mr. Twidget, of course and our kitty, Tickles.

This was one of my more recent rabbit pictures.
 Mr. Clock's Tea Time.

I am hoping to draw & paint more rabbits soon.
They are so very sweet.    I would love to get a house bunny, one that
maybe wouldn't mind being a model once in awhile.  :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. Oh, your bunnies are so sweet! I really like them.
    The Tea Time piece do have a beautiful sky too, I wish I could do something like it.

  2. How sweet these are and that Mr. Clock's tea time--very cool!!

  3. i love these!
    the fist one is adorable!
    and the bunnies make me want to write a children's story. mr twidget, indeed! perfect!

  4. Such gorgeous work! Magical. Wonderful. I hope you get a nice house bunny! *smiles* Norma

  5. Precious! And I have to add that you still look as young as the first picture! I think your bunnies would make a wonderful series of children stories.

  6. She is so sweet and looks like you. We love bunnies too. Mayra lives in our house, does not like carrots but likes fresh basil and red wine corks. Of course we get a diva bunny ;-)

  7. I love your art Heather! So precious! Makes me smile and so much feeling in them too! A house bunny would be fun ;o)

  8. Eeeek! I love Twidget, what a sweet bun he must have been :) I have a plump white rabbit, his name is Fred; so I can relate to your love of bunnies!! What a special treat today's visit was :)


  9. Oh what a cute bunny, black and white like a little cow. And I love the kitty. You pictures depict you as a child because artists are always in touch with their inner child. It's what makes them special. :)

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely and truly sweet comments. I can see that you all love bunnies too. :)

  11. These are awesome! Can't get over "out for a stroll!" LOVE these, xoxo

  12. Hello Heather! I love your bunnies drawings, so amazing! They could be wonderful illustrations to a children book!
    Your owls are charming, too! My fav birds!
    Thanks for your kind words and following! So happy to hear you liked being at my place! ;)
    You are always very welcome! ;)
    xoxo - zara

  13. Oh Heather! I just adore your bunny drawings! They are just so sweet...and I love that they are based on on a real in the fur Bun-Bun :)

    Could the Adventures of Tickles be next?