Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silent Sundays: Hiking and Exploring!! My favorite :)

We've had a chance this past week, between unpacking and "trying" to be Martha Stewart, to get out and explore some the naturey goodness that seems to be everywhere we look.  Here are some pics!
The walking bridge over the river.

Downtown at night!


Hiking and waterfalls

Chillin on the bridge

More hiking!

Love this place!


  1. Your new home is so beautiful. I suspect that some fabulous art will come of this move. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Okay, lemme get this straight. You moved to this gorgeous area, and we moved to an even more congested and populated metro. I think we made a wrong turn somewhere. HA!

    Glad things are going well for all of you, Heather. Please keep in touch.

  3. I would love to go. Looks like heaven.

  4. Gorgeous!!! Looks like you're lovin it :)

  5. great shots! but was this a game of "one of these things is not like the others?"
    ha ha =)

  6. Lisa, I sure hope so. I feel inspired, I just need to get my art supplies unpacked and set up an art space. :)

    Bryce, I think you just started out in the wrong direction. :) I am certain you will find bits of heaven there too. I know a lot of people who live or lived there and loved it. And of course, I will keep in touch! :)

    Shelly, it is my idea of heaven on earth.

    Joanna, I am indeed! We all are.

    Thanks Tara. haha!! I guess it does appear that way! :)

  7. Heather I love surprises and finding you on my comments this morning was a very nice one.
    To say I was delighted that you liked Kaci's painting is understating it a little. lol
    Since I admire you and your work it means a great deal to me you coming by and leaving this note.
    I too can see many new beautiful creations coming from your new home. It looks like heaven where you are now one that an artist such as you will love and be inspired.
    Sending you good thoughts and wishes from Texas

  8. Hi Maggie, I realized I hadn't visited your blog in quite awhile, it's been crazy with moving, but I always enjoy reading what you're up to. I am really excited to see what Kaci comes up with next, I'm sure it will be stunning.
    Thank you, I went for a walk tonight and I am amazed at the beauty that is everywhere. I am definitely inspired. Went downtown today and they have an awesome art store, I was super excited and wanted to buy everything, I can't wait to try out more fun. Thank you much, blessings to you in Texas. I hope it cools down for you soon!

  9. You are surrounded by beauty! And your boys, and friend?, are rockin!

  10. Thanks Daniele, It is very beautiful here. And yep, all my boys, they're definitely groovy! :)

  11. Breathtaking! I wanna be there! Thank you for your sweet comment and for the FAB post below, xoxo