Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silent Sundays: Moving Right Along!

The last walk I took down our road, before moving away.

I love these.

The beginnings of a storm through Nebraska.

This is what it turned into.  It was incredible, I've never seen such amazing clouds and they were moving very fast.  We fortunately, were heading the other way.

Happy Sunday to you!  


  1. Really gorgeous photos! I love cloud formations.

  2. You aren't near Kimball by any chance are you? I always liked driving by the windmills/turbines there as we passed through. I lived in Scottsbluff for twelve years before heading home to Colorado again. Can't say I was sorry to say good-bye to those big thunderheads. I lost two roofs to hail while I lived in Nebraska.

  3. Agreed. Beautiful pictures! And you take these with a phone, right?

    My gosh, Heather, I can only imagine what you would do in a studio. You have a great photographer's eye!

    Keep us posted on your new digs!

  4. That final picture is amazing, very ominous-looking. I do love the thunderstorms in Nebraska, though.

  5. Just breathtaking! You really are amazing with a camera. Can't wait to hear about your new home!

  6. Li, me too! They're so gorgeous and always changing.

    LG, wow, I know what you mean, those Midwest storms are brutal. I love them, but don't know if I will miss them. Sometimes they were downright scary! Kimball sounds familiar, we probably were. Did go thru Scottsbluff though.

    Thanks Tara!

    Hey Bryce, yes I do! I really do need to get a better camera, my good one died. And thank you, I just know what I like. All is well, getting unpacked, a few boxes a day. Then I have to go do something fun, I'm tired of boxes, haha!

    Julie, they are pretty epic. I had never seen anything quite like that before, amazing considering I'd been in KS for 15 years.

    Thank you Robin. There are always beautiful things to photograph. It's coming along. Looking at my new art space, super excited about it and inspired by yours. :)