Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Of Color: Week 2

Better late than never!  
For week 2 of Summer Of Color, the colors we had to work with were:  
Bright Orange and Hot Pink.  
My apologies on the quality of my picture, it is a bit too dark in here.
 I may have to retake them tomorrow, when it's a little brighter.
(I did add two more photos, but they still don't quite capture the color, it's amazing how different the picture can look from the actual piece, maybe you should all come over for coffee and goodies and we can share our art in person. :)

With my colors, I left them a bit subtle.
 Only coloring in her face and the dragonflies, going
for black ink and a little grey here and there.
As usual, I combined a woman with nature.  :)

I leave you with some Summer and a few pics of the sunset.

Have a splendid weekend!


  1. I love your beautiful drawing Heather with its muted tones for SOC, Annette x

  2. WOW, Heather :). She is stunning, love how soft her hair looks!

  3. this is such a beautiful piece. i like your use of color... just a little.

  4. Your drawings are beautiful. I love how you incorporated the colors.

  5. Hello my friend ;o) Your drawings are amazing!! Your art is breath taking!!! Love the summer pics ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Such beautiful photos of the sunset!!! I posted photos of our amazing sunrise!!! And i absolutely love your stunning and gorgeous work of art. I really like how you used the colors!

  7. Wonderful dreamy and soft ♥ Conny

  8. SUCH a beautiful drawing, and I love the subtle colors as well.

  9. She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I love the small pops of color - it works so well with your work - which I would know from a mile away. LOVE to you all, xoxo

  10. *gasp* Oh wow, this is just stunning, and I agree with Kristin too...Gorgeous!! I love just how soft it looks and the beautiful flowing lines. The hint of colour is just the right touch. <3

  11. Beautiful, love your line work and the pops of color!