Friday, January 18, 2013

Frost and Fog

Lately, we have had lots of frost and lots and lots of fog.  
I love the foggyness and the beauty of the frost on everything.  
I don't have much to post about today.  It's been a busy week, sadly I didn't get to work in my art space.  
Here are a few pics from the past week though.  
Happy week to you my friends!

frosted leaves

a foggy drive

the guys... ready to go to the mountain.


  1. Some weeks ago we had the same kind of weather, last weeks we still have frost but a clear sunny sky and that's even better. I like a foggy day or two though, almost like the Lord was out using the eraser.
    Have a nice week too!

  2. beautiful pictures! Love the leaves!

    Are you still working too?

    to answer your question on my blog, no I did not make any of that book in Portland. I made the whole thing when I got home. The book is just about the trip. Of course, that is only half the book, and I do have a page with you and your hubs too. I just had to send it in partially finished. I knew the pages they would be interested in were the painty pages. What I did make in though are the two paintings I showed at the end of the post, and they are included in the book! :D

  3. It loks magic to me! The fog is just beautiful - and the guys look great! xoxo

  4. Great pictures Heather ;o) Happy week ;o)