Sunday, December 4, 2011

Silent Sundays: UFO's All Over My House!

Or...when too many hobbies have run amok.  
If you are a crafty person (and I don't mean, you go about casting spells) then you are probably familiar with the term UFO, not being related to little green men.  In the creative realm, UFO's are Un Finished Objects.  I suspect it has become popular, because like me and many others, we tend to start more projects than we complete.  I have found this week many UFO's lying about my house, taking up space or mostly taunting me.  I thought I'd share a few with you...these are those that I do intend to finish.  There are others lurking about that have not yet realized, their days are numbered.  
I've sewn the binding on, now I just need to stitch it.  What am I waiting for?

Finished this sweater last Spring, all except the collar...
Collars can be so tedious, I tend to put them off.
I have another sweater with an unfinished collar...I actually wear that one.

I made this for myself, as a birthday gift...2 1/2 years ago. I just had it quilted and put the binding on, which I've almost finished (3 months ago) is on my bed though.

This is more recent, I'm still trying to figure out what else this picture needs.

This poor yarn has yet to fully decide what it wants to be, this is the third sweater I've begun with this yarn...sheesh!!

Hooray, proof that I do actually finish some things.  I did this yesterday and I'm excited about it because our bedroom typically doesn't get much decorator attention.

And this has nothing to do with this post, I just thought it was funny!  

Have a jolly good day!  


  1. beautiful UFO's, and of course who doesn't love johnny Depp, sigh,

  2. Yes, I collect UFOs too, mostly in the form of unfinished paintings. I have a fat portfolio full of things in various states of incompletion.

  3. Hi, Love your post. UFO's are well known in my suroundings too. I can tell you that your UFO's don't bother me as much as mine do. :-)
    Thanks for all your nice words over at my site, I really appreciate it. I'll probably make a post when I'm done with all the coasters, I need to have a photo of them all.
    And yes, handmade makes a differens. Good luck on yours.
    Have a super new week.

  4. Oh, I have so many UFOs! Used to make jewelry in the B.C. (before children) era. All of my beads now gather dust. The quilts are beautiful--I have only the most cursory talents at sewing. Loved this post.

  5. So that's what all these things laying around the house are...they are UFOs! Thanks Heather for giving them a name. Somehow they seem so less unfinished with a name...okay that may be a little stretch to feel better but oh well!

    Wouldn't it be fun someday...way after the Holidays to trade off UFOs with others and see what any rate it might get the projects finished, lol!

    Your post made me feel so much better about all my UFOs...I don't feel so alone in the starting too many projects area now. You're so awesome...and I like the sweater without a collar, you could even stitch a scarf you already have around the edge of collar area too!

    Hope your Sunday is going great!

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  7. Wah, it happens that I am a person of many UFOs, too! Thus, there are 4 unfinished embroideries to which I am returning again and again to keep some progress going, at least at a very snail's pace!
    And there are lots of projects kept virtually to start making or to start to learn making one day (hope soon)! I should confess, mostly it's because I am usually too busy searching for inspiration online, so I have less time to create something myself:) A perfect balance has to be found, at last!
    I like the combination of berry colours in your 1st pic! Your other UFOs look lovely and simply pleading to be turned into proud FOs! ;)
    Johnny is great! ;)

  8. We must all have this problem. I think our minds can't wrap itself around one project because it's thinking about another one.
    I have this kind of problem with supplies-I buy them for a particular reason and then when I find them in a couple of months--I forgot why I HAD to have them..

  9. Heather, you are so cute! Well, at least you have things started, you just have to finish them ;o) LOL! Sometimes, people don't even start things! I love the picture of Johnny! Made me smile big time ;o) Have fun finishing everything ;o)

  10. hee hee
    i have many ufo's and also many tbd's! (to be done)

    jolly holiday!

  11. I love this post. I understand it too well, but what I really love is seeing pieces of you! And thank you for showing me a piece of your home. Those photos are so lovey and I love them!!!

  12. You had me going with the UFO, Heather. :) What beautiful quilting, and amazing collenction really. And I love the pictures.

  13. Oh geez, UFOs. I've got unfinished stories, a cross-stitch pillow, a sketch, and the ultimate unfinished project - I painted 3/4 of the kitchen, hurt my arm, gave it up temporarily - and that was 6 months ago :-(( I'll just pretend that having baseboards and windows in different colors is the "new thing".

  14. Yes that is certainly hilarious! I too have many UFOs! Right now I am looking for a stuffed toy that I started with a willowing course. I wanted it to have baby shoes and now I have the baby shoes, but can't find the toy!!!! Here's to us and our overflowing cups of creativity! Merry Christmas! Patsy from

  15. Is there ANY medium that you can't work with or master? Thoroughly impressed, per usual.

    Hey, shoot me an email, if you want. Have some news I'd like to share with a friend.

    Hope all is well.