Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

I always love a New Year.  I look forward to setting new goals and making positive changes.  I know that can be done anytime of the year, but it seems especially exciting as a New Year begins.  :)  I hope that you are all well and having a lovely year so far.

I finished a few projects these past few months and have put them in my Etsy shop and or hung them on my walls.  It is a good feeling to complete projects and start new ones.  
Here is a bit of what I've had on my art table.  I have too many projects and not enough time, I'm sure you can all relate to that.
I've been invited to have a booth at a Faire, which means I really need to step it up and spend way more time in my art room.   I'm both excited and nervous, but I think it will be a good experience.

Hope you all have a lovely and prosperous and blessed New Year....all year!  :)

Literary Art:  (this is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with an excerpt of The Hounds of Baskerville handwritten behind him.)

Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice

Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Heart

Washington Irving: Legend of Sleepy Hollow

A book bag with Poe (sold this one)

mug with Jane Austen (sold this one, as well)

And then my little square owls, come to life, with little knitted hats. 

these little guys come in all colors. I've sold most of them and need to get to work on more.  
So much to do. I better get to work. 

My daughter came for a visit, so one family pic while she was here. yay!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Of Color: Sage and Sepia...Last Week!

Well, this was the last week of SOC.
It is over, I'm late posting should've been done last week,
 but if you look at my next post
you will see that I was busy with other "life" things.  :)
I enjoyed this adventure and I'm always amazed
at the talent and creativity of all that participated.  It is really cool
to see how each person translates the same colors into such
different and beautiful works of art.
It's truly inspiring.

I didn't start out with a plan, so this just came about.
Done in watercolor pencils on textured matte board.

this is the finished product, smoothing out the lines.

this is a very random, doodlish painting I did on cardboard, to test out some 20 year old
paints I found in my stash of art supplies....I'd never opened them.  They still work!

And just for fun, I'm making a pillow to put in my little sitting area.  
I'm going to quilt this part, then add the back, then the stuffing.  
My front room is blue and my curtains are a chocolate brown.  
These are bits of fabric from my stash that are in desperate need of being used.
I think it's time to make a bunch of lap quilts!  :)

Happy Week To You!

Saturday, July 20, 2013


This week has been fantastic.  Sorry, I haven't posted my SOC pic yet, but I will get to it in the morningish, I hope!
So, I thought I'd share some photos and a video!

My daughter and her hub and band Colton and Zara, just finished a new video.  The song is not theirs, but it's really cool and the video turned out great!  (thanks Austin)

My hub and I had a 3 day was spectacular and much needed.  Here are some pics.  We were all over the place and had a very relaxing, fun and goofy time.  :)

you know I love trees.

such a cool place.  Have you read the book Wildwood?  It's fantastic, there is a second one too, I highly recommend both of them.  :)

a cool statue at the park, his hat fit my hub perfectly.  isn't he a stud muffin?

happy to be out of traffic. :D

how cool to stay in this room...

hotels with slides....very cool!

feels like Fall...hooray!!

gorgeous art work.

long spooky hallways.

more fantastic art.  love this picture.

the firewood cage was of course dancing in it seemed like a good plan.

the city beyond the thistle.

Well, that is all for today.
  Have a dreamy day!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer of Color: Week 5, Candy Apple Red and Yellow

After clearing off my desk last night and posting some art work, I got busy and started drawing, not really intending to get my Summer Of Color project finished in one sitting, but so happy that I did.
I am excited to actually have this done before the end of the week.  I really need to just sit in my art space more often and not over think it all.  :)

This weeks color choice is:  Candy Apple Red and a Sunny Yellow.
I wasn't super inspired, because all I could think of was McDonalds, but once I got going I really enjoyed it.  I was planning on poppies and realized I was too tired to figure them out, so I went for simple flowers.
There is one more week of Summer of Color and if you are new to this, you can still join in the fun, you can even go back and do all of the color schemes, for the fun of it.

Have a cheeky rest of the week!  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In Between

As you know...or maybe not, I have been doing the Summer of Color, but at the moment I am in between finished SOC projects, so I had these lying on my desk, waiting for me to decide what to do with them.  So, I figured why not put them on my blog.

This past year I did a series of these "I Dream" pics.  I have a few of them, my most popular one being, Sometimes I Dream of Coffee.
I shrunk them down and printed them out, then decided to play with some collage and drawing techniques and voila, I created these.  I am planning to make a few more, when I can...

I put them on a solid cardboard type backing then added some decorative corners.  I am thinking I may mount them on something a bit bigger and more solid, to sort of frame them.  I really want to 
put them in a coffee shop, but have yet to do so.  :/
Also...I need to redo the words on this one...not happy with them.

some up close detail shots.

my octopus phase.

the original piece...

another one, that I plan to collage.

And a random side note...

I bought these adorable lights last Christmas and recently decided they were wasting away in my attic, waiting for Christmas, so I put them around our outdoor patio...they twinkle.  I hope to buy more this year.  :)  

just because...

Have a stupendously groovy week!!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Of Color, week 4: Soft Pink and Charcoal Grey

I'm a bit late getting this posted, it's actually week 5 now, but that's okay...  I am pretty sure I can catch up before the end of this week.  I hope...

If you haven't joined or checked out Summer of Color, it's not too late.  It's very inspiring and so much fun.  There are so many amazing blogs you can peruse.  Give it whirl. :)

Thank you Kristin for making this awesome event rock!!

pink and grey

 on a side note...we had company this week, it was a blast to see our dear friends and make some fun memories with them.  yay!!
My hub and I and my bestie and her hub.

4th of July at the beach.

almost all of our sons...combined.

overlooking the Cape.

Hope you had a wonderful week!!  Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lime Green and Purple.

Summer of Color:  Week 3.
This weeks chosen colors are Lime Green and Purple.  Not my usual cup of tea, since I typically prefer muted colors, but I had been working on this drawing in my sketch book, so it worked out perfectly.  :)

As I worked on it, with Watercolor Pencils.

After adding a bit of water.

close up. :)


This week has been quite fun.  I have had the opportunity to meet up with 3 blog friends.
Pictured here:  Cameron from Paint Myself Pretty 
and Jenny from Creativity Is Happiness
You should definitely check out their blogs, because they are both amazing and fantastic artists.  
It was wonderful to spend time with them and discuss, as well as, do art.  :)
The other blog friend I met earlier this week, but didn't get a picture with.  
Clarice has a very creative and beautiful blog, with an enormous amount of yummy recipes.  
Definitely pop over and visit her.

this is a random pic of my kitty....FooFoo, he is very photogenic.

I happened upon this old pic of a place my kids and I used to like to go for walks.  
So I thought I'd share.  

Have a happy and glorious rest of the week.